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Odyssey Space Research: A Gold Sponsor of ISU’s 2024 Space Studies Program in Houston

The International Space University (ISU) takes pride in announcing a new sponsor for its flagship professional development Space Studies Program 2024 (SSP24): Odyssey Space Research. Odyssey was co-founded by Brian Rishikof, an ISU alum from SSP 1990 and an ISU Board of Trustees member, and by David Strack, an ISU alum from SSP 1992. Odyssey’s current leadership also includes another SSP 1990 alum, Jana Rebmann.


“Since founding Odyssey Space Research in 2003, our mission has been to make a tangible difference that exceeds the size of our company to advance humans into space. Sponsoring ISU’s Space Studies Program is a direct extension of this intent—training and inspiring the workforce of the future to make a big difference. We’re committed to the next generation of space professionals, ensuring they have the skills to turn today’s dreams into tomorrow’s reality.”Brian Rishikof, CEO and co-founder of Odyssey Space Research


Prof Peter, ISU Acting President, stated:

“I want to thank Odyssey Space Research for becoming a new Gold Sponsor for the SSP24. This sponsorship will help us deliver another exceptional program to our SSP24 Houston cohort. Having the trust of a space leader such as Brian and his partners at Odyssey demonstrates the difference the dedicated Alumni Community can make to help future space leaders”.


This partnership marks a significant milestone in the continuing commitment of the ISU alumni community to ISU’s space education and leadership.


Why Sponsor ISU’s Space Studies Program?

Sponsoring the 2024 Space Studies Program is a strategic decision that aligns with your company/institution’s goals and values.  The investment you make in SSP24 can result in a wide array of benefits, including but not limited to, offering the opportunity for more participants from around the world to attend an ISU program, be inclusive, enhance your company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, global brand visibility, exclusive access to space leaders, talent acquisition, innovation, network of more than 5600 alumni from more than 110 countries and contribution to the development of a new generation of space professionals.


We offer various sponsorship opportunities, allowing your company/institution to tailor its support according to your goals and capacity. These include:

  1. Scholarship Sponsorship
  2. Program Sponsorship
  3. Team Project Sponsorship


While this sponsorship is a leap forward, our mission to provide an unparalleled educational experience and to make SSP24 “the best ever” continues. We invite more visionaries to join this journey. To explore sponsorship opportunities and become a part of this pioneering endeavor, please reach out to us [here]. Together, we can create the next giant leap in space exploration and innovation.


ABOUT SSP24 – The 36th annual Space Studies Program (SSP) of the International Space University (ISU) will be held in Houston, Texas, from June 8th to August 3rd, 2024 and is hosted by Rice University in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center (JSC). The SSP is the largest and most comprehensive educational and training program in the space sector, covering both technical and non-technical aspects, in an international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary environment.


For further insights into the sponsorship experience, watch our informational video by ISU North America President, Dr. Ken Davidian –