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Alumni Events

10 - 14 July 2024

ISU Alumni Conference 2024

The yearly ISU alumni conference brings together the ISU community in July 2024, during the Space Studies Program which will take place in Houston, USA this year.

Boca Chica and Houston, USA

Wednesday 10 July
11:00 Welcme and departure from RICE University to Space X’s Starbase in
Boca Chica by bus (transport and BC tour organized by ISU – ETA 18.30 –
no-host dinner)

Thursday 11 July
09:15 Bus pick up from 3 collection points
10:00-12:00 Official tour of Starbase
18:30 ETA at RICE University
19:30 J. Burke and M. Marov Memorial Lecture

Friday 12 July
8:30-9:00 Welcome and Check-In
09:15 Departure from RICE University (by bus)
10:00-12:00 Guided visit of Spaceport Ellington
12:30-13:30 No-host lunch at Boondoggles
14:00-17:30 Free visit of Space Center Houston
18:00 ETA at RICE University
20:00 SSP24 Cultural Night

Saturday 13 July
08:30-09:00 Welcome and Check-In09:00-15:00 TEDxISU (at RICE University, including lunch)
15:00-16:00 Greetings from ISU representatives
18:00-20:00 Grand Dinner
20:00-02:00 Space Masquerade

Sunday 14 July
10:00-12:00 Football game at RICE University’s soccer field (Alumni and Staff vs SSP24
participants football game

SpaceX Starbase