Research Overview

The resident faculty at ISU are engaged in a variety of research programs, from social and economic research to the preparation of deep space exploration to the study of the Universe.

Research efforts include both observational and hardware development aspects, and space policy & management. They are often performed with local and international collaborators. ISU master students play key roles in the research projects as they work toward earning their degree.

In our pages you can find more details about our Space Policy and Entrepreneurship Lab that is a dedicated research laboratory addressing the issues and trends in the domains of space policy and the space economy, including New Space worldwide, the Space Payloads Lab, where we build cubesats and experiment which will fly into space; our general research programs; and our research lunch, organized on a biweekly basis at 12:45, during which we discuss the latest developments about space research at ISU and elsewhere.

For the Public

Research is a key part of the life of any university. As the students join their professors in their research activities, they learn how to conduct experiments, test new ideas, cope with setbacks and overcome problems.

Conversely, through their research activities, professors stay in touch with the latest developments in their fields and can keep their classes up to date.

At ISU, we perform research as we teach – with interdisciplinarity. Our research touches many aspects of space, from construction on the Moon to zero-gravity pharmacology, from nanosatellite design to the space economy and the study of the Universe.

For example, Danijela Stupar pursues her doctoral research looking at how to use powerful lasers to combine lunar regolith – the fine rock powder that covers the Moon – with organic elements to create a possible building material.

Similarly. Dr. Virginia Wötring studies how the impact of drugs on astronauts is modified in space and what the implication of this for future long-duration space missions.

These research projects also have terrestrial relevance, though, since they help us improve the material we use to do 3D printing and understand better how drugs interact with our own bodies. 

Research employment Opportunities

Visitor program: we welcome applications for sabbatical visits of a month to several months. ISU can support travel to Strasbourg. Visitors can participate to the Master program, supervise individual projects, and join collaborations with our University of Strasbourg partners.
Internships: we welcome unsolicited applications for 3-month internships at graduate level. Please send a letter of motivation indicating your research project or research interest, including the resident faculty with whom you would like to work, your curriculum vitae, and the name and contact information of at least two referees.
Postdocs: we can support your application to various funding agencies:
  • for a CNES-funded postdoc position at ISU for up to two years.
  • American citizens: consider applying for a Fulbright fellowship
  • German citizens and residents: the Alexander von Humboldt offers fellowships to do research abroad
Please contact the research coordinator Dr. Goldman by e-mail for more details.
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