Our Team

Pascale Ehrenfreund

Ken Davidian
Vice President, North American Operations

Sylvie Mellinger
Director, Administration and Finance

Nicolas Peter
Coordinator, International Relations (detached by ESA)

Pauline Henry
Human Resources and Legal Manager

James Lewis
SSP Director 
(detached by NASA)

Arif Goktug Karacalioglu 
Manager, Professional Development & Continuous Education Programs, and Administrative Co-Director of the Space Studies Programs (SSP/SHSSP)

Joel Herrmann
Manager, IT Services

Nicolas Moncussi
Multimedia Assistant, IT Services

Nassim Bovet
Head of Admissions and Alumni Affairs

Geraldine Moser
Head, Business Development Unit

Megane Desgranges
​Executive Assistant

Muriel Riester

Christine Jenck
Assistant, Reception, Travel Services, Conferences

Lara Bartolome
MSS Student Affairs Lead

Marzena Kapusta
MSS Program Planning Coordinator

Bryan Ayekoe

Tania Robles
SSP Logistics Coordinator

Claudiu Mihai Taiatu
SSP Academic Coordinator

Coralie Lhabitant
Start-up facilitator for ISU incubator

Jade Moser
Project officer – entrepreneurship

Victoria Rendon
Teaching Associate

Stephania Turyk
Teaching Associate

Melissa Laperdix
Project Assistant

Amina Astamirova
HR Assistant

Antoine Dreher
IT Assistant

Louise Taylor
Communication Assistant

Salma Saidi Idrissi
Accounting assistant

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