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Alumni Representative

Joan Chesoni, SSP22

The International Space University is pleased to announce the results of the Alumni Representative election of 2022:

Joan Chesoni
ISU Alumni Representative

  • SSP22 alumna
  • Director Kenya Space Agency Board (Alternate to the Attorney-General)

Alexandra Ryan
Deputy Alumni Representative

  • SHSSP14 alumna
  • Consultant specializing in virtual and in-person space education

Congratulations to both!

We will welcome them when the terms begin, on 1 January 2023. Their mission, lasting three years, will be to sustain a fully informed, representative, and engaged exchange of information and sentiment between alumni and ISU. And to enhance and inspire alumni involvement that furthers the mission of ISU.

Thank you to our highly qualified slate of alumni nominees – this time from Africa or Oceania – and to all those who voted. ISU extends its renewed thanks also to outgoing representatives Soyeon Yi and Halit Mirahmetoglu for their service these past years.

What are the responsibilities of an alumni rep?

  • Attend ISU Board of Trustees meetings twice a year. The Board of Trustees determines ISU’s overall objectives and oversees the University’s affairs.
  • Collect ISU alumni’s feedback and suggestions
  • Support the ISU alumni associations worldwide
  • Encourage fellow alumni to become ISU ambassadors