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Space Policy and Entrepreneurship Lab

ISU has established a new multidisciplinary Lab to promote research on space policy and entrepreneurship.


ISU Space Policy and Entrepreneurship Lab is a dedicated research laboratory addressing the issues and trends in the domains of space policy and the space economy, including New Space worldwide.

It draws on ISU multidisciplinary Faculty expertise both from the ISU Central Campus and its extensive Global ISU Faculty network.

The objective of the Lab is to serve as a global hub for space policy and entrepreneurship to facilitate international research on these topics building on the ISU’s 3Is approach involving academics, professionals from space agencies and industry, and students from ISU worldwide and to train and educate the workforce of tomorrow.

The Lab is investigating short and long-term space policy and entrepreneurship trends on its own or in partnerships. The ISU Space Policy and Entrepreneurship Lab is also working very closely with the ISU start-up incubator and its personnel to support the development of the space economy.

The Lab is supported by the ISU Library, one of the largest worldwide, dedicated to space activities including space policy.


A wide range of people are involved with the Space Policy and Entrepreneurship Lab, from the multidisciplinary ISU resident faculty and students based in Strasbourg to the ISU Global Faculty network as well as visiting researchers from around the world.

Nicolas PETER
Head of ISU Space Policy and Entrepreneurship Lab