What is ISU?

The International Space University develops the future leaders of the world space community by providing interdisciplinary educational programs to students and space professionals in an international, intercultural environment.

ISU founders

WE, THE FOUNDERS of the International Space University, do hereby set forth this Credo as the basis for fulfilling ISU’s goals and full potential.

INTERNATIONAL SPACE UNIVERSITY is an institution founded on the vision of a peaceful, prosperous and boundless future through the study, exploration and development of Space for the benefit of all humanity.

ISU is an institution dedicated to international affiliations, collaboration, and open, scholarly pursuits related to outer space exploration and development. It is a place where students and faculty from all backgrounds are welcomed; where diversity of culture, philosophy, lifestyle, training and opinion are honored and nurtured.

ISU is an institution which recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary studies for the successful exploration and development of space. ISU strives to promote an understanding and appreciation of the Cosmos through the constant evolution of new programs and curricula in relevant areas of study. To this end, ISU will be augmented by an expanding base of campus facilities, networks and affiliations both on and off the Earth.
ISU is an institution dedicated to the development of the human species, the preservation of its home planet, the increase of knowledge, the rational utilization of the vast resources of the Cosmos, and the sanctity of Life in all terrestrial and extraterrestrial manifestations. ISU is a place where students and scholars seek to understand the mysteries of the Cosmos and apply their knowledge to the betterment of the human condition. It is the objective of ISU to be an integral part of Humanity’s movement into the Cosmos, and to carry forth all the principles and philosophies embodied in this Credo.
THIS, THEN, IS THE CREDO OF ISU. For all who join ISU, we welcome you to a new and growing family. It is hoped that each of you, as leaders of industry, academia and government will work together to fulfill the goals set forth herein. Together, we shall aspire to the Stars with wisdom, vision and effort.

Peter H. Diamandis, Todd B. Hawley, Robert D. Richards

ISU CREDO, 12 April 1995

What is ISU?

The International Space University develops the future leaders of the world space community by providing interdisciplinary educational programs to students and space professionals in an international, intercultural environment.

ISU also serves as a neutral international forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas on challenging issues related to space and space applications.

ISU programs impart critical skills essential to future space initiatives in the public and private sectors while they:

  • Inspire enthusiasm
  • Promote international understanding and cooperation
  • Foster an interactive global network of students, teachers and alumni
  • Encourage the innovative development of space for peaceful purposes: to improve life on Earth and advance humanity into space.

The International Space University is a private non-profit institution, formally recognized as an institute of higher education in France by the French Ministry of Education (decree MENS0400386A of 27 February 2004). ISU is also recognized by other agencies and universities – see FAQ no 2.

It specializes in providing graduate-level training to the future leaders of the emerging global space community at its Central Campus in Strasbourg, France, and at locations around the world. In its one-year Master of Space Studies, two-month Space Studies Program and 5-week Southern Hemisphere-Space Studies Program, ISU offers its students a unique Core Curriculum covering all disciplines related to space programs and enterprises, space science, space engineering, systems engineering, space policy and law, business and management, and space and society. Each of these programs also involve an intense student research Team Project providing international graduate students and young space professionals the opportunity to solve complex problems by working together in an intercultural environment.

Since its founding in 1987, ISU has graduated more than 5000 students from over 110 countries. Together with hundreds of ISU faculty and lecturers from around the world, ISU alumni comprise an extremely effective network of space professionals and leaders that actively facilitates individual career growth, professional activities and international space cooperation.

The 3 i's

Building on specialist knowledge already acquired, ISU relates this to all aspects influencing the successful outcome of space development and use. At ISU, programs are:

Broad-based educational programs that encompass all disciplines relevant to space scientific, engineering, economic, regulatory, political and organizational provide students with a multi-dimensional perspective, vital for understanding and effectively dealing with complex space development and utilization issues.

Global networking opportunities and intensive teamwork practices at ISU give its diverse student body the edge when performing in competitive and collaborative international space programs.

Interacting with people from a variety of different backgrounds: academic, cultural and national, with varied approaches to problem solving and occasionally conflicting objectives, prepares ISU students for the multicultural environment of today’s world space community.

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