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ISU leads at the UK’s largest space industry event: Space-Comm Expo

ISU President Prof. Nicolas Peter attended the 2024 Space-Comm Expo event in Farnborough (UK) on 6-7 March 2024. Space- Comm Expo gathers space, aerospace, defense, downstream, and upstream industries for two days of high-level networking, discussions, education, and business, focused on the commercial future of space. Supported by key industry associations and influential bodies, Space-Comm Expo showcases the end-to-end supply chain for products, services, and applications supplying and informing commercial enterprises, Government and defense organizations, and developments in technology.

Prof. Peter was a panelist on the topic of “Harmonizing Space Security and Orbital Responsibility: The interplay of defense space capabilities and sustainable practices” alongside representatives from UK Space Agency, Lockheed Martin, ClearSpace and DLA Piper.

During the panel, Prof. Peter stressed that “the growing prospects of the space economy in the 21st Century are positive, but we are living with the unintended consequences of how we developed space activities in space in the 20th Century. We need therefore to change our behavior in space and we need to do more and faster. Space sustainability is a topic in which ISU wants to be at the forefront by educating and training future professionals”.

During the conference Prof. Peter and Dr Sharon Lemac-Vincere (ESC23 alum) Associate Professor, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship from the University of Strathclyde met also with Richard Lochhead Scottish Minister for Small Business, Innovation, Tourism and Trade in charge of space to discuss the upcoming and first Executive Space Course on space cybersecurity that will run in Glasgow (UK) from 13-15 May 2024 in the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, followed by a two-day (16-17 May) conference on space and cybersecurity in the Technology and Innovation Centre at the Strathclyde University.

Registration for this three-day course on space cybersecurity is done online here.