Statement from the International Space University

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Messages have recently been published on social networks involving a professor who is currently a member of the ISU faculty. This information concerns personal events that date back twenty years and are not related to the activities of the International Space University.

However, the elements related are sufficiently disturbing to justify all our vigilance. The emotion and the reactions caused by this affair are strong and challenge us in our values and our responsibilities. They have also caused disruptions in our activities, affecting both our reputation and the serenity of our organization.

Therefore, without prejudging the responsibilities and motivations of the involved parties and without interfering with the investigations that will be conducted, ISU has decided to take precautionary measures to protect all parties concerned. 

Those measures include in particular, that the person implicated in this case has been immediately suspended from performing all ISU duties until an investigation is completed. *

Finally, we would like to reaffirm that the International Space University is committed to providing a workplace and academic environment free of harassment and discrimination. A copy of the ISU Anti-Harassment Policy can be found here.


(*) This statement has been amended on 14th October 2021.


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