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Mr. Nicolas Peter

  • Expertise in space policy, strategy development and implementation and international relations
  • Experience in management with an aptitude to work in international and interdisciplinary teams with 20 years of professional experiences in Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany), North America (Canada, USA), Oceania (Australia), and Asia (Japan)

Academic Education

  • 2006 M.A. in International Science and Technology Policy
    George Washington University, USA
  • 2002 M.Sc in Space Studies
    International Space University, France
  • 2001 M.Sc in Space Technology Applications 
    Université Louis Pasteur, France
  • 1988 M.Sc in Space Systems and the Environment
    Université Louis Pasteur, France
  • 1999 Bachelor in Geography
    Université Louis Pasteur, France

Executive Education

  • 2013 Strategic Performance Management
    Cranfield University – School of Management, UK
  • 2011 Strategy Tools
    ESSEC Theme – Operationnal Management, France
  • 2010 Practice and Tools of Prospective: Scenarios Methods
    ESSEC Theme – Operationnal Management, France
  • 2009 Good Practice of Strategic Analysis Tools
    HEC Theme – General Management and Strategy
  • 2008 Evaluation of Science and Technology Policies
    Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (ex-PREST) – Manchester Business School, UK

Professional Experience

  • 2016-2020 Head of the International Relations Department (VO-IN) – Seconded ESA Staff, Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. v. – German Aerospace Center – DLR
  • 2009-2013 Policy Officer – Space Policy and Research Unit – Space Policy, Copernicus and Defence Directorate – Seconded ESA Staff, European Commission – DG GROW (EX- DG ENTR)
  • 2006-2009 Research Fellow, European Space Policy Institute – ESPI
    (August 2007 – April 2009 seconded by ESA Director General’s Policy Office DG-P)
  • 2006 Research Fellow, X Prize Foundation – XPF
  • 2004-2006 Senior Research Assistant – Lockheed Martin Fellow, Space Policy Institute – Center for International Science and Technology Policy
  • 2002-2004 Teaching Associate, International Space University

Selected Achievements and Awards

  • Attended and held functions in various international space-related conferences and workshops in Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East, Oceania, and Asia.
  • Co-edited 3 books and authored over 100 book chapters, journal publications, conferences papers and reports on various issues pertaining to space affairs.
  • Referee for the journals Space Policy, Acta Astronautica, Defence Review Quarterly on international space policy issues.
  • Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) in support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications (2011-2016) and since 2016 SGAC Honorary Board Member.
  • Woman in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) – Board Member Director of Corporate relations and partnerships
  • Recipient of the 2012 International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Young Space Leaders Award (inaugural class).
  • Co-Investigator of experiments flying during ESA’s 37th Professional Parabolic Flight Campaign (2004) and ESA’s 5th Student Parabolic Flight Campaign (2002) studying the effects of microgravity on optical illusions.

Selected list of publications

  • P. Ehrenfreund, C. McKay, J. Rummel, B. Foing, C. Neal, T. Masson-Zwaan, M. Ansdell, N. Peter, J. Zarnecki, S. Mackwell, M. A. Perino, L. Billings, J. Mankins and M. Race: “Toward a Global Space Exploration Program: A Stepping Stone Approach”. Advances in Space Research Volume 49 (2012) 2–48
  • P. Ehrenfreund, N. Peter and L. Billings: “Building Long-Term Constituencies for Space Exploration: the Challenge of Raising Public Awareness in the United States and in Europe”. Acta Astronautica. Volume 67 (2010) 502-512
  • N. Peter: “The New Space Order: Why Space Power Matters for Europe?” Space and Defense. Volume 4 (2010) 53-71.
  • S. Y. Chung, P. Ehrenfreund, J. D. Rummel and N. Peter: “Synergies of Earth Science and Space Exploration”. Advances in Space Research. Volume 45 (2010) 155–168.
  • C. Arévalo, A. Froehlich, P. Martinez, N. Peter and K. Suzuki: “The Need for United Nations Space Policy”. Space Policy. Volume 26 (2010) 1-6.
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  • P. Ehrenfreund and N. Peter: “Towards a Paradigm Shift in Managing Future International Space Exploration Activities”. Space Policy. Volume 25 (2009) 244-256.
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  • N. Peter: “Space and Security: the Emerging Role of Europe”. Astropolitics: The International Journal of Space Politics and Policy. Volume 3 (2005) 265-296.
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  • N. Peter: “The Use of Remote Sensing to Support the Application of Multilateral Environmental Treaties”. Space Policy. Volume 20 (2004) 189-195.