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SSP23 BLOG – Week 5

Greetings from Brazil!

Week 5 at the International Space University’s Space Studies Program was nothing short of cosmic.

Starting with our insightful Rio de Janeiro visit, we were immersed in Brazil’s science and tech contributions, thanks to our generous local organizers. Rio's blend of culture and science set an enthusiastic tone for the week.

Tuesday’s Movie Night took us back in time with "Oppenheimer", offering reflections on science and its moral challenges. One of our very own participants Claudia, was able to organise half-price tickets for everyone!

Figure 1. Participants and MCT at a special screening of Oppenheimer.

Wednesday was a day of intense discussions. First, the Dual-Use Space topic unravelled the multi-dimensional facets of space usage, with experts like Brian Rishikof and Luciano Valentim Rechiuti steering the conversation. Concurrently, the subject of Ethical considerations of Space Activities reminded us of the moral compass we need to uphold as we venture deeper into space, with Jacques Arnould and Rodrigo Ventura leading the discourse.

In the evening, Nelson Pedreiro from Lockheed Martin took us on a voyage to 2050, painting a future filled with lunar colonies, advanced space tech, and AI-driven operations. His lecture, "Space 2050: Future of Space Activities", was a glimpse into a not-so-distant reality.

Whilst all this was happening, the Alumni Weekend was ongoing! A chance for alumni from across the world to explore Brazil with the help from our Local Organising Committee, the week concluded on a high with the Alumni Dinner and Space Masquerade. After a dinner sponsored generously by the Aerospace Corporation, the Space Masquerade kicked off with a fierce costume competition for both individuals and groups. A delightful mix of creativity and fun, participants adorned in galaxy-themed costumes celebrated the week's accomplishments

Figure 2. Jen Zhou, Alex Ryan, and Melody Korman, “the liaisons”, pose at the Alumni Dinner.

Figure 3. The winners of the Best Group Costume, “Crew Module!”

In essence, Week 5 was an amalgamation of knowledge, ethics, camaraderie, and festivity. As we advance, the sky isn’t the limit; it’s just the beginning! 🌌🚀
Cheers, Kirils Bistrovs