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With sadness, ISU mourns the loss of a strong supporter, Jim Burke.

Born in 1925, Jim (James) Burke was undoubtedly one of the early space pioneers. Having to interrupt his studies during the Second World War (during which he served as naval aviator) he completed his aeronautical degree in Caltech  after the war and joined JPL. Here he was initially involved in rocket development but surely will be most remembered as the project manager of the lunar Ranger missions and as an expert on lunar exploration.

Jim was very engaged in space education and was one of the first supporters of ISU, becoming a faculty member in 1989. It might be anecdotic to mention here that during early cooperation with the (then) USSR he worked together in joint projects with Prof. Nikolay Tolyarenko, who later became ISU MSS director.

Many generations of ISU alumni will most remember Jim for his team project contributions. He insisted to stay close to the student dormitories and helped several generations of ISU alumni  to refine the reports, not afraid of spending late hours in evaluating drafts. Also remarkable to note was his creativity, constantly proposing new team project topics.

In addition, in different ways he decided to support ISU students by providing scholarships and amongst other donated a telescope which is now well used to introduce ISU participants in astronomy.

ISU will miss Jim, who was not only an excellent supporter but also an outstanding example of a space pioneer, always happy to share his experience with younger generations.

He was a captivating personality, and together with Lynn, his spouse, a real monument in ISU which ISU will continue to treasure.