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ISU makes a lasting impact at the 39th Space Symposium

The International Space University (ISU) made a significant impact at this year’s Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, engaging in high-level discussions and expanding its global network. ISU’s presence was marked by the establishment of key partnerships and the promotion of its educational programs to a diverse and expansive audience.


Dr. Ken Davidian, ISU’s Vice President of the North American Office, took the stage on April 6, 2024, to steer a thought-provoking panel on “Workforce Development” during the SGAC Fusion Forum. The panel featured distinguished ISU alumni Debra Facktor and Will Pomerantz, who contributed their expertise on the topic.


The Symposium’s highlight came on Wednesday, April 10, when ISU President Prof. Nicolas Peter co-moderated the “Space Leaders Spotlight” with IAF President Clay Mowry. This prestigious panel assembled top figures from the world’s leading space agencies, including CNES President Philippe Baptiste, UK Space Agency CEO Paul Bate, CSA President Lisa Campbell, JAXA‘s Senior VP Yasuo Ishii, ASA CEO Enrico Palermo, and DLR Space Agency’s CEO Dr. Walther Pelzer, and Teodoro Valente, ASI President.


In another session the same day, “The Power of Processing From Space: In-Orbit Innovations,” Prof. Peter engaged industry leaders from the space data economy from Microsoft Azure, D-Orbit, Aiko, iSEE, and Ramon Space, in a discussion on the transformative impact of in-orbit data processing capabilities.


ISU’s ongoing commitment to advancing space education was further cemented through a new sponsorship agreement with the Aerospace Corporation for the upcoming ISU’s Space Studies Program SSP24 taking place in Houston, USA.


Additionally, the Space Symposium served as a vibrant networking platform for ISU, particularly during the ISU Alumni Gathering (see cover picture!) held at the university’s exhibition stand. This event celebrated the ever-growing ISU community, allowing alumni to reconnect and share their contributions to the space sector.


The International Space University continues to foster collaboration, innovation, and education, reinforcing its position as a pivotal entity in the space community. Stay tuned for more updates on ISU’s ventures and contributions to this fast-paced space sector.