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ISU at the Forefront of Advancing Space Resources’ Utilization at the VIIth Space Resources Conference held in Poland

The International Space University (ISU) was present at the VIIth Space Resources Conference, held on May 23-24, 2024, at AGH University in Kraków, Poland. Embracing this year’s theme, “Towards the Artemis Generation,” ISU infused its pioneering 3I approach, with a special emphasis on interdisciplinarity, into the conference’s framework and presented some of its recent research.

This year’s Space Resources Conference discussions delved into innovative solutions for the extraction, transportation, and manufacturing of space resources. Additionally, the conference explored sustainable strategies for establishing human settlements on the Moon and Mars.

ISU’s Contributions

Opening Ceremony: ISU President Prof. Nicolas Peter delivered a keynote speech on “The Importance of Human Capital for a Successful Space Sector,” setting a motivating tone for the event and presented ISU activities and programs. Prof Peter also met with AGH Rector Professor Jerzy Lis and other AHG representatives including Prof. Tadeusz Uhl, the conference’s chairman.

Special Sessions: Prof. Virginia Wotring chaired the session on “Astronaut Health for the Artemis Generation,” while Dr. Danijela Ignjatovic led discussions on “ISRU and Additive Manufacturing in Space” and “Lunar Navigation and Telecommunication.” Dr. Ignjatovic also conducted a workshop on “Space Education,” as part of the Horizon Europe ASTRAIOS project that addressed research topics such as student mobility and softskills in Copernicus and Galileo programs. Reflecting on this workshop, it’s evident that soft skills hold immense value for space industry employers. The project’s findings underscore the importance of these skills in shaping successful careers within the sector.

Student Spotlight: MSS24 Year B student Tomasz Adach presented his research findings, demonstrating ISU’s commitment to nurturing future space industry leaders.

Global Insights: The conference featured insights from ISU’s Global Faculty, including Prof. Yoshida Kazuya of Tohoku University and Dr. Tanja Masson-Zwaan from the University of Leiden. Their contributions were highlighted in a retrospective video, available here.

The VIIIth Space Resources Conference (KGK2025) is scheduled for May 21-23, 2025. Building on the success of this year’s conference, KGK2025 will continue to advance our understanding and capabilities in space resources, fostering the next generation of space exploration.