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International Space University Announces Dr. Su-Yin Tan as Dean Since September 2023

Strasbourg, France – The International Space University proudly announces that Dr. Su-Yin Tan has been serving as the Dean and Vice President of Academics and Research of ISU since 1st September 2023. With her extensive expertise in geographic information systems, remote sensing, and spatial data analysis, Dr. Tan has already begun to make significant contributions to the university’s academic and research landscape.

Since taking on the role in September, Dr. Tan has introduced ISU’s first accredited Master of Science in Space Studies during the opening ceremony and demonstrated a commitment to excellence in space education and research by amongst other, verifying the adequacy of instruction and monitoring academic integrity. Her international and intercultural background, complemented by her various experiences at ISU, and visionary leadership skills, has been instrumental in advancing the university’s strategic goals.

Reflecting on her appointment, Dr. Tan said:

I am honored to be appointed as Dean during an incredibly important and transformative time for ISU. I express my gratitude to the President, Board, and faculty for placing their trust in me to lead ISU into the future. Being an alumnus myself and having been involved with ISU for 20 years, I understand what value the ISU Credo and 3I’s philosophy offer to the space sector and the benefit of humanity. I believe that our programs need to grow, mature, and evolve to ensure that we remain state-of-the-art in terms of innovative content, academic quality, and industry impact. The global space sector is undergoing a paradigm shift and it is necessary for ISU to rise alongside it. I am excited to build upon ISU’s remarkable success and rich history, and I look forward to leading ISU’s programs to achieving new heights.” 

Dr. Su-Yin Tan is also a Senior Lecturer in the Geomatics Program, Teaching Fellow of the Faculty of Environment, and Director of the Applied Geomatics Research Laboratory at the University of Waterloo, Canada. She is a distinguished Gates Scholar and received her PhD degree from the University of Cambridge (UK), two Masters degrees from Oxford University (UK) and Boston University (USA), and BSc (Env) from the University of Guelph (Canada). She was previously a Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge, Visiting Researcher at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford (UK), and member of Christ Church College.

Dr. Tan has an interdisciplinary background in the environmental sciences and spatial analysis methodologies in a range of application areas, such as climatology, ecosystem modelling, and remote sensing. In the past decade, she has received over 16 awards and scholarships, including a prestigious Presidential University Graduate Fellowship and Overseas Research Scholarship. Dr. Tan received the prestigious 2014 and 2022 Outstanding Performance Award for exceptional contributions to teaching and scholarship, which recognizes the top professors at the University of Waterloo.

Originally from Papua New Guinea, she has a diverse international background and built a record of teaching and research excellence in North America, Australia, Asia, South America, and Europe.

The International Space University’s chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Christian Sallaberger, expressed strong support for Dr. Tan’s ongoing tenure:

“Dr. Su-Yin Tan’s appointment has already proven to be a tremendous asset to our university. Her leadership and expertise have been vital in guiding our institution through this significant period of growth and development.”

Under Dr. Tan’s stewardship, the International Space University has embarked on several new initiatives aimed at enhancing its global standing in space education and research. The initiatives include expanding academic programs, strengthening international partnerships, and promoting cutting-edge research in space sciences.