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First ESC on Space Cybersecurity, by ISU and Strathclyde Business School

The first Executive Space Course (ESC) on cybersecurity by the International Space University (ISU) will be hosted and developed in partnership with Strathclyde Business School. This program will be the first offered in Scotland and will be a unique offering in the space sector on a fast-developing theme.

The three-day Executive Course will run from 13-15 May 2024 in the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, followed by a two-day (16-17 May) conference on space and cybersecurity in the Technology and Innovation Centre at Strathclyde University.

Executive Space education at ISU provides an in-depth overview of space and space-related subjects and is intended for professionals working in the space sector or professionals currently working outside the space ecosystem who want to develop a better understanding of the rapidly evolving space sector and its new trends.

Dr Sharon Lemac-Vincere (ISU ESC23) said, “As the global commercial space sector grows, it becomes increasingly clear that cybersecurity must be at the forefront of our entrepreneurial endeavors from the very beginning. The interconnectedness of space systems, satellites, and ground infrastructure creates vulnerabilities that malicious actors may, and do, exploit. Cyberattacks targeting space assets have already taken place and these attacks have severe consequences – from disrupting communication networks to compromising national security and geo-political relations.

“Space is a strategic priority for the University and there is a definite skills gap in the cybersecurity sector – there is a global shortage of skilled cybersecurity experts of some 3.5 million. We’re focusing on an area that’s got huge employment prospects for our students.

“Scotland has a real opportunity to lead in this area due to Scotland’s global reputation in the satellite market. I believe that there is an opportunity for Scotland to create the gold standard for ‘secure-by-design’ cybersecurity resilience in space. This could, in effect, create a competitive advantage for the Scottish space sector and our entrepreneurs and, simultaneously, create a skilled workforce in the dual emerging domain of space and cyber, addressing skills shortages in both sectors.”

ISU President Professor Nicolas Peter said, “A collaboration with the University of Strathclyde for this Executive Space Course focusing on cybersecurity is a unique and very timely offering for the sector. We all are aware that space solutions are increasingly becoming critical infrastructures for our economies and societies and as such are vulnerable and need to be protected. The space sector needs however a multidisciplinary view of the issue of cybersecurity and a better-trained workforce and specialists. Hosting this course in Scotland and in particular Glasgow which is at the heart of satellite manufacturing in Europe and one of the world’s leading small satellite manufacturers with AAC Clyde Space or Spire, is a powerful offering. Scotland’s space sector is growing rapidly and offers huge opportunities in space manufacturing, launch, and data. This course will be of interest to space professionals from around the world.”

“It is with great enthusiasm that we bring this three-day course – followed by a two-day conference – to Scotland. ISU’s presence in Scotland marks a significant milestone, and we look forward to this remarkable opportunity together.”

Booking for the three-day Executive course (including the two-day conference) can be made following this link: Short Space Courses – International Space University (

Booking for the two-day “Space: Securing our Entrepreneurial Future” conference can be made following this link: Space: Securing our Entrepreneurial Future Tickets, Thu 16 May 2024 at 08:30 | Eventbrite