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International Space University

Educating the future of space

For humanity, for the planet, for sustainability

Since 1987, International Space University (ISU) provides high-quality training and education for the next generation of space professionals, industry and agency leaders, and entrepreneurial visionaries. Our alumni network includes over 5,600 individuals working in diverse capacities to shape the space ecosystem in over 110 countries. We promote international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary cooperation to ensure the peaceful use of outer space — For the benefit of humanity and for a sustainable future on this planet and beyond.

“The three ‘I’s of ISU [Interdisciplinary, International, Intercultural] certainly influenced my career, providing me with a foundation of knowledge in the space sector… This was the first time that my education was broadened into disciplines as diverse as space policy and law to space medicine and orbital mechanics, and all from an international perspective… My year in Strasbourg and the opportunities ISU provided to me have definitely helped me get where I am today, allowing my childhood dream to turn into a reality.”

Jessica Meir, MSS 2000, NASA Astronaut


International, Intercultural, and Interdisciplinary Education for Space

Master of Science in Space Studies

Graduate education for an expanding sector.

In a world of rapid technological innovation and a new-found ambition directed toward the stars, qualified graduates are needed to shape the future of space.
The Master of Science in Space Studies provides accredited, graduate-level education for a growing ecosystem and a changing world.

Strasbourg, Central Campus, France

Master of Space Studies

For students seeking fast-tracked professional insertion.

With the rapid expansion of the space sector, industries and agencies need qualified individuals more than ever.
The Master of Space Studies provides college graduates with the knowledge and network needed to join the space workforce.

Strasbourg, Central Campus, France

Space Studies Program

In-depth training for students and professionals alike.

This two-month program, held yearly in various locations, helps students and professionals apply their experience to the space ecosystem and set their space career in motion.

Houston, Texas, United States

Executive Education

For taking your career or organization to the next level.

From agriculture to telecommunications, space has applications for every industry. Executive training courses help you or your organization to take advantage of all that space has to offer.

Various locations

Space Studies Program

June 8th - August 3rd 2024

Houston, Texas, the birthplace of human spaceflight, is the location for ISU’s next Space Studies Program. This year’s SSP is hosted in close collaboration with Rice University and NASA’s Johnson Space Center to provide participants with a memorable, life-changing experience. Join us for classes and seminars led by a variety of experts from our global faculty, exciting site visits, and networking opportunities supported by industries, universities, and government agencies.

Admissions & Scholarships

Your journey in the space sector starts here

From dreams to reality...

With programs designed to fit your needs and a network to help ensure your success, ISU is your gateway to space.

We do our best to make space education accessible. Thanks to sponsorships and international support, scholarship opportunities are available to participants for the MSc, the MSS, and the SSP.

Our admissions team is ready to help you get started. Contact us to learn more about our programs, admissions requirements, scholarships, and applications.

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Upcoming events

April 29 - May 3
University of Waterloo, Canada
“Attending ISU has been, for me, the ultimate eye-opening experience. Attending the Master of Space Studies allowed me to pursue my personal interests with a limit determined only by my imagination.”

Diego Urbina, MSS09, ESA Crewmember


Get the latest on ISU activities

Faculty & Research

With a global faculty of over 140 scientists, engineers, policy experts, and leaders from academia, industry, and agencies, our expertise covers all aspects of the space sector. Our central campus permanent faculty provides extensive experience while leading our campus laboratories dedicated to life sciences, engineering and electronics, and space policy and entrepreneurship. ISU is regularly awarded grants for research and innovation initiatives to continually push the boundaries of space-related research.

Life at ISU

With our central campus located in the “Capital of Europe” in Strasbourg, France and programs held all over the world, life at ISU never stops.

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The ISU incubator is where innovative ideas flourish and visionaries are born. Located on the ISU central campus and supported by the Strasbourg Eurometropole, the incubator provides an ideal launch platform for your startup in the space sector. With access to industry experts and expertise in business development and finance—all in a modern office setting—ISU provides the keys to success in a rapidly developing sector.