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Take part in an 8-Day Space Architecture Workshop at ISU

The International Space University (ISU) and the European Center for Space Exploration and Colonization (ECSEC) are launching an 8-day architecture workshop taking place from 25 April to 4 May 2022 at ISU’s central campus.

Given the incredible worldwide success of the online Space Architecture & Design course on the School of Disruption, the European Center for Space Exploration and Colonization (ECSEC) continues its mission to democratize access to space by launching a unique collaboration with the International Space University (ISU). In response to the growing demand from those who want to start a career in the space industry, we have created a highly practical design workshop, with internationally renowned teachers, that will give you the opportunity to acquire and put into practice the knowledge you need to take your first real step as a professional in the space market.

Why space architecture?

Space is humanity’s new frontier. The entry into the field of major private players has accelerated the progress of space exploration, opening up endless new opportunities. These opportunities naturally bring new challenges. Space Architecture is the field in which the challenges of human life on other planets and in zero gravity are solved. Any technology or project related to space needs professionals in this field to develop effectively. Getting practical training in Space Architecture now means gaining the tools and knowledge to seize new professional and business opportunities.

The workshop is designed by:

Barbara Imhof, ISU alumna and Managing Partner & co-owner of LIQUIFER is an internationally active space architect and design researcher. Barbara did a short stint at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. She is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC).

René Waclavicek, Managing Partner & co-owner of LIQUIFER started his career working in design and construction planning for terrestrial buildings. In 2002, he participated in the Lunar Base Design Workshop (LBDW) organised at the European Space Agency’s ESTEC Centre in Noordwijk. He applies his skills to interdisciplinary research, design projects and complex geometries, including parametrics.

Lecture topics include:

  1. Orbital habitation and interplanetary transportation
  2. Human surface mobility
  3. Surface habitation
  4. Greenhouses
  5. Human performance, Space physiology
  6. ISRU, 3D printing

A detailed program can be found here.

Registrations are done online via this link.

The European Center for Space Exploration and Colonization (ECSEC) is a partnership between the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation and Mars Planet Technologies.

Watch the webinar organized on 16 March 2022 where ISU alumna Barbara Imhof and ISU resident faculty Virginia Wotring will provide us with an overview of the course!