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SSP22 Blog – Week 7

And just with the snap of a finger 7 weeks have passed for our participants and staff at SSP22 in Oeiras, Portugal. It is marvelous to realize the relativistic power of time in our lives when your brain and schedule are immersed in team project (TP) meetings, reading and research, gatherings, activities, and distinguished lectures.

During this week, all TP chairs arrived in Portugal after weeks of online meetings to start working with their students on the different TPs, with the Internal Review deliverable on Saturday August 13th (you can see some videos about it on our Instagram channel).

TP milestones are usually divided into small goals to keep track of the different tasks, as very well done in this Kanban board by one of our TPs during this week.

Week 7 was also the first one, since the beginning of the program, in which participants were working full-time on their team projects deliverables, without being at the same time split into departments. This also means that the final phase of the Space Studies Program (SSP) for 2022 is in full swing.

TP Space for Non-Space having a small coffee gathering after internal review discussion

TP Microgravity during internal review feedback

For SSP22, participants are working on four different projects: Space for Non-Space, Space-Ocean-Climate Interactions, Microgravity Business – Space R&D for the Benefit of the People, and finally, International Cooperation on the use of the China Space Sation. The sole aim of these TPs (Team Projects) is for the participants to work in interdisciplinary and intercultural groups to produce a comprehensive analysis regarding an international space project or a topic of relevance in the space sector at a national level (Portugal), and at global level. This summer, participants are even producing some business ideas that could potentially become a real business in the near future. Who knows, we are witnessing the birth of the next multi-billion-dollar company in the space sector.

Week 7 ended with the distinguished lecture (DL) from Rodrigo da Costa, representative of the brand-new EU Space Programme Agency (EUSPA), existing since May 2022. This agency promotes the commercialization of Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus data and services.

Rodrigo da Costa from EUSPA, and Arif Goktug Karacalioglu SSP22 director

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Camilo Andres Reyes, SSP 22 Teaching Assistant, Team Project Space for Non-Space