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SSP22 Blog – Week 6 (onsite)

Week 6, already?! Time flies at SSP22 as we are entering the last week of the department phase! Let’s take a look at what made these last days unforgettable!

On Monday, the Engineering department teamed up with the Human Performance in Space department for an out of this world activity! They had to perform an Extra-Vehicular-Activity in a scuba-diving pool, exactly like astronauts would during their training. Participants were then divided in three teams: crew 1 of aquanauts, crew 2 of backup astronauts and crew 3 was the mission control. We all received basic training and headed to the Dive Training Facility to perform. The goal given to us was to unfold a broken satellite antenna!

On Tuesday, all participants had to choose between 16 different workshops! From crisis communication to space exploration ethics, lunar exploration imagery, leadership and more, there is so much to learn. In the evening, we had the immense pleasure to hear from Pete Worden, Chairman at The Breakthrough Prize Foundation, and former NASA Ames Director. He taught us about the Alpha Centauri and shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming missions around it.

On Wednesday, the day was shared between Departments and TPs (Team Projects). In the morning, the Space Management and Business department received Luis Gomes, the AAC Clyde Space CEO in Scotland to discuss strategic marketing and development.

Thursday was all about departments! Space Engineering and Space Applications departments went on a day trip to visit Augsburg Rocket Factory and CEiiA (Centre of Engineering and Product Development) headquarters in Porto. In the evening, all the participants enjoyed some good time together during their department social activity. Some went on a boat trip, some to a restaurant or even on a movie night.

Friday was the final department activity. We all enjoyed the last time spent with our chairs, reflecting on how amazing the last weeks have been and how the work we did together can personally broaden our horizons.

Finally the third and last phase of the International Space University’s (ISU) Space Studies Program – SSP22 – is here, it is now time to concentrate all the effort on the TP and let the best of our teams capabilities! GO TP, GO!!

Léo Baud,
SSP22 Teaching Associate for the Human Performance in Space Department, Online Workshop Coordinator