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SSP22 Blog – Week 5 (online)

Let us start Week 5 of SSP22, the so-called brainstorming part of the whole program! This week is a transition phase from Core Lecture and Elective workshop to a full-time focus on the Team Project! I cannot believe that SSP22 is almost coming to an end! But do not think we are all chilling! Our participants are working hard for multiple hours a day to deliver the awaited Team Project: Search for Life.

From Monday until Friday this week, participants need tons of coffee to keep them awake and stay up till late working together on the team project report and presentation. They were in an intense week and were busy finishing their deliverables to meet their deadlines on time. All of that to prepare a final magnificent Team Project presentation and report for their big day, Friday 5th August 2022!

Besides all the preparations for the final day, this week they still have a couple of important things to decide in their class meeting for the time left! Of course, only after chatting with their mentors during the Mentorship Session. Moreover, this weekend will include the opportunity for the Space Studies Program (SSP22) participants to connect with the global ISU (International Space University) alumni network, at the ISU Alumni Conference on July 30-31, 2022.

Sasiluck Thammasit, SSP22 Online Academic Assistant & Diego Greenhalgh, SSP22 Online Teaching Associate