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SSP22 Blog – Week -1 (online)

Nice to meet you all! 

This preparatory week has started with great presentations from our International Space University (ISU) Space Studies Program (SSP22) Director – Arif Göktuğ Karacalıoğlu. He explained the program’s details and curricular activities that will be carried out both on site in Lisbon and online. Moreover, the entire crew was presented to the staff members, together with information on ISU initiatives and Space Studies Program organization. 

Later, the online teaching associate crew met our Academic Coordinator – Supprabha Nambiar, and introduced themselves describing their background, fun facts, and roles they will fill during this exciting Program.  

And…the training trip was just ready to start! Online activities began with checking all the connections and accesses to the applications and platforms that will be used during the online program, everything was set for a successful launch. During the week, training sessions kicked off with theoretical lessons supported by virtual rehearsals…we all know that simulations and teamwork are the keys to successful space missions!  

In addition, the team got to meet each other, and this is how teamwork begins with a more social and friendly aspect. 

Finally…the most exciting and fun part: instructors’ assignments to online TAs! So many amazing lectures and workshops taught by excellent instructors will be held during SSP22…can’t wait to get the party started! 

 Thomas Chrétien, Staff Events Coordinator 

Chiara Martinelli, Virtual Teaching Associate