SSP Faculty & lecturers

In a typical SSP about 250 lecturers and experts academia from space agencies, industry and from all over the world provide instruction to the student body. The SSP curriculum is coordinated by the Core, Department, and Team Project chairs and supported by members of the ISU Faculty. This is a list of invited lecturers and experts for SSP19:

Dr. Daniel Glover, USA
Ms. Kerrie Dougherty, Australia
Dr. Christian Sallaberger, Canada
Prof. Christopher Welch, United Kingdom
Dr. William Kramer, USA
Dr. James Green, USA
Dr. Ruediger Jehn, Germany
Mr. Silvio Sandrone, France
Prof. Gilles Clément, France
Prof. Kazuya Yoshida, Japan
Mr. Christopher Johnson, USA
Mr. John Connolly, USA
Dr. Joseph Pelton, USA
Mr. Gary Martin, USA
Mr. Juan de Dalmau, Spain
Dr. Kathryn Denning, Canada
Prof. Mikhail Marov, Russian Federation
Dr. John Logsdon, USA
Mr. Paul Wohrer, France
Dr. Xavier Pasco, France
Dr. Barbara Imhof, Austria
Mr. James Mason, South Africa
Mr. Ofer Lapid, Israel
Ms. Ginger Kerrick, USA
Dr. Angie Bukley, USA
Ms. Pascale Ehrenfreund, Austria
Dr. Benoit Famaey, Belgium
Dr. Peter Weiss, Germany
Jerome Maxant, France
Dr. Su-Yin Tan, Canada
Dr. Jan Walter Schroeder, Germany
Dr. Geoffrey Steeves, Canada
Mr. Jaroslaw Jaworski, Poland
Prof. Volker Damann, Germany
Dr. Daniel Garcia Yarnoz, Spain
Dr. Taiwo Tejumola, Nigeria
Prof. Walter Peeters, Belgium
Prof. Hugh Hill, Ireland
Dr. François Spiero, France
Dr. Vasilis Zervos, Greece
Dr. Norah Patten, Ireland
Mrs. Tanja Masson-Zwaan, The Netherlands
Ms. Samantha Coras, Australia
Prof. William Cowley, Australia
Ms. Natalia Larrea Brito, Spain
Ms. Dimitra Stefoudi, Greece
Prof. Graziella Caprarelli, Italy
Dr. Michaela Musilova, Slovakia
Dr. Jacob Cohen, USA
Mr. Maurizio Nati, Italy
Mr. Andrew Simon-Butler, Australia
Dr. Anh Nguyen, USA