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Space Studies continue at University of Granada after ISU’s SSP21 program

The use of satellite and drone imagery for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture is now a topic of research at the University of Granada (UGR) in Spain, thanks to the collaboration with ISU initiated in 2018 when Granada was chosen to host ISU’s Space Studies Program in July and August 2021 (SSP21).

Prof. Vanessa Martos, from UGR’s Department of Plant Physiology and a member of the Local Organizing Committee for SSP21 has just been promoted to Full Professor. She said “ISU is no stranger to my promotion. Being part of the SSP21 curriculum planning and delivery has greatly helped my research group to get acquainted with the value of satellite applications for agriculture and to meet experts in Earth Observation from around the world”.

Prof. Martos and her research group contributed to the SSP21 Team Project on Agriculture and nutrition for a permanent settlement on Mars. The project’s Final Report is freely accessible at ISU’s online Library.

The SSP21 program was conducted simultaneously in Granada, at ISU in Strasbourg, and online during nine intense weeks of multidisciplinary learning and gathered a total of 110 participants representing 35 nationalities.

From left: University of Granada Rector Pilar Aranda, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences María del Carmen Carrión and Professor Vanessa Martos, during a presentation of the ISU SSP21 program.