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SHSSP23 TA Blog – Week 4

As we come to the end of Week 4 of ISU’s and UniSA’s Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SHSSP23), we reflect on another intense and unique week filled with progress on Team Project (TP) work. Teams have put in their best efforts to complete what often felt like insurmountable tasks! Here are some highlights:

Firstly, the number of participants taking advantage of the scenic walks around Mawson Lake next to the university increased, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and providing a much-needed refreshing break from their intense work.

For TP Artemis, invaluable consultations took place with James Lewis, Michael Davis, and Mike Gold, providing the team with useful insights into their project. At the same time both TP teams participated in an online graphic design workshop, further developing their creative skills to complete their final report.

Alex Ryan, our fantastic Course Lead gave two insightful presentations, the first one on further studies at other ISU courses, and the second on volunteering opportunities at the upcoming SSP23 in Brazil. This was a nice opportunity for students to learn more about options available to them and how they can continue contributing to the ISU community.

In a more relaxed setting, both TP teams came together for a group photo outside the library gardens.


Group Photo TP Artemis
Group Photo TP Space Ecosystems

Later in the week, Culture Night 3 kicked off with Germany’s “99 Luftballons” and ended with everyone dancing to popular Kenyan hits.

The night ended with a salsa line that made its way out onto the balcony, where keen observers were lucky enough to spot the ISS traveling overhead.

It was also a busy week for student democracy, with everyone voting for the class speaker, class representative, and flag bearer for next week’s closing ceremony.
Finally, after a week of hard work and dedication, both TP teams submitted their first drafts and had the opportunity to observe the comet while celebrating their success.

In summary, it has been an incredible week of growth, collaboration, and celebration.
The work, however, continues. Next week, participants will be working towards submitting their final team project reports, rehearsing, and giving their team project presentations. It will be an exciting opportunity to showcase their progress and learnings, to provide feedback, and to reflect on the program before returning home. We all look forward to continuing our journey towards success together!

P.S. Mawson Lakes has spoilt us all summer with some of the most spectacular sunsets!