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SHSSP23 TA Blog – Week 2


It is with great delight that we guide you through the second week of the SHSSP23 program, which was brimming with lectures, events, workshops, and Team Project sessions, as well as plenty of fun!
At the beginning of the week, the atmosphere was set by fantastic core lectures, delivered by ISU’s dedicated and knowledgeable instructors. Two of them, Scott Madry and John Connolly, not only delivered engaging lectures but also provided a glimpse of their elective workshops dealing with space engineering, space science, and space applications.

On Monday, the results of the Rube Goldberg Competition were announced, and Team N.6 emerged victorious. Participants also began their first workshop session, constructing balloons and rockets, about to be launched during the weekend.

We had the opportunity to attend an insightful astronaut talk, where students had the chance to ask questions about life and work in space. Additionally, we enjoyed a delightful evening on Australia Day, complete with a barbecue and exciting conversations.

Throughout the week, students took their first exam, an interdisciplinary quiz, which went smoothly. To celebrate, everyone participated in the second culture night, where countries such as India, Germany, South Korea, Portugal, the United States, Italy, and Kenya presented their cultures. It was the first time when our freshly formed space band performed several songs together. The performances were a great way to showcase the diversity of the program and bring everyone together.

The weekend was also fantastic! On Saturday, students who participated in the rocket workshop launched their rockets, with teams Synchronicity-42 and Sharky coming out on top. We also celebrated Francesca’s birthday on that day! On Sunday, we traveled to another location for the balloon launch, which was thrilling as we launched the balloon, attached payloads, and tracked it as it reached the altitude of 35km before the burst. It was a great opportunity for the students to apply the knowledge and skills they learned during the week in a practical setting.

Overall, this week was intense yet rewarding and filled with memorable moments. We are thrilled to be a part of this program and to assist participants in exploring the exciting field of space.
Thanks for your attention. We are looking forward to jumping into the next week and sharing more special moments with you!


Rube Goldberg winners together with the SHSSP23 Directors
Participants enjoying the Rocket Workshop led by John Connolly
Stratospheric balloon launch