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SHSSP23 TA Blog – Week 0

During our second preparation week of ISU’s and UniSA’s Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program, we made sure all the IT equipment was in working order, all logistical questions were sorted out and everything else was fine-tuned before the program launch.

On Monday we spoke to our metaverse facilitator Wasim Ahmed from The Metavisionaries, TP Chairs, and other staff members on the structure of the program and if any changes needed to be made.
Throughout the middle of the week, the TAs started shifting all the kitchen supplies and other equipment from the Mission Control room to the Experience 1 building where the participants will be doing their Balloon and Rocket Workshops.

Later throughout the week, the staff went to the City West campus and dropped off banners for the opening ceremony that will be taking place in Allan Scott Auditorium. The staff went through a rehearsal and planned out how the ceremony would be taking place in the auditorium. On the same tour, we were shown around some other facilities on the same campus where the public events will be taking place.

We are all very excited to welcome the first International Space University SHSSP23 participants in the coming days!