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Second Edition of ESC22 TLV brings 28 New Alumni to the Community

The second edition of the Executive Space Course in Tel Aviv, Israel co-organized by the International Space University (ISU) and The Ramon Foundation, took place from 6 to 11 November 2022. This course was addressed primarily to professionals in Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean region, however not exclusively. It gathered 28 participants – some came from as far as Australia, the United States of America and Belgium – therefore an additional 28 alumni joining the ISU community!

More than 20 lecturers and experts were involved in this course, coordinated by the ESC22 Tel Aviv faculty lead and ISU board of trustees’ member, Mr Ofer Lapid:

Pascale Ehrenfreund, Tal Inbar, Keren Shahar, Maayan Soumagnac, Maya Glickman (ISU alum), Danna Linn Barnett, Yariv Bash, Raphael Roettgen (ISU alum), Storm Boswick, Renana Ashkenazi, Eran Schenker, Ehud Hayun, Ran Ginosar, Danielle Palatchi, Naama Glauber (ISU alum), Dan Bloomberg, Inbar Kreiss, Ran Livne (ISU alum), Claude Rousseau (ISU alum), Jessica Meir (ISU alum), S. Pete Worden.

A week of academic learning punctuated with space related events including the Ramon GeoInt360 conference, a professional visit to Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI), a Space Café organized by ISU alum Melody Korman – launched by Ofer Lapid and Gil Doron the general director of the Ramon Foundation – followed by keynote speeches by ISU President Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund and Dr. Pete S. Worden. And finally, ISU alum and Artemis selected astronaut Jessica Meir provided a talk to the whole class, in-person!

We thank the participants together with The Ramon Foundation; and Mr. Ofer Lapid for ensuring that this ISU short course continues to fulfill its goals of space capacity building, attracting new players, teaching the space jargon, dispensing knowledge in a multi-disciplinary way, allowing participants to engage professionally with the space community and develop personal networks to advance career goals.

Next Executive Space Course: ESC23 Strasbourg, France.