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Professor Nicolas Peter Assumes Role of Acting President at the International Space University

Strasbourg, France The International Space University (ISU) is pleased to announce that Professor Nicolas Peter has been appointed Acting President, succeeding Professor Pascale Ehrenfreund who has served as President since September 2021.

Chairman of the Board of ISU, Dr. Christian Sallaberger, stated:

“Professor Nicolas Peter has been our Professor of the practice in Space Policy and International Affairs for over two years, and ISU has already benefited tremendously from his leadership of Policy, Economics and Law (PEL) activities, as well as launching new initiatives at ISU.  His appointment now as Acting President has the wholehearted support of the entire International Space University Board and ISU community. He brings the wealth of experience of more than 20 years at senior levels in the international space community in 8 countries and 4 continents.”

In addition to his ISU teaching duties in the Master, Space Studies Program, and Executive Education courses, he also launched the Space Policy and Entrepreneurship Lab (SPEL) and oversaw the activity of the ISU Incubator which has grown in visibility and impact. He is already in charge of international relations for the university and was instrumental in winning 3 major research grants for ISU in the past months. With a distinguished career in space at the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) among others in policy, strategy development, and international relations, he is well-positioned to lead ISU.

Professor Nicolas Peter said:

“As I step into the role of Acting President, I am committed to ensuring that the International Space University remains at the forefront of space education and innovation, nurturing the next generation of space leaders and fostering collaboration within the global space community. Together with our talented resident and global faculty, staff, students, and also our strong Alumni network we will ensure ISU remains the world’s premier higher education institution dedicated to space.“

Professor Nicolas Peter’s Full Biography can be found here.