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Prof. Gongling Sun


Gongling Sun is Professor of Space System Engineering and Space Policy at the International Space University (ISU), where he is also faculty lead to Business and Management in Masters of Space Studies Program (MSS).

Mr. Sun held several senior executive positions both in China and Europe.
He was a system engineer of launch vehicle design and project manager of international satellite launching services in China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT). He became a founding member of China Manned Space Agency in 1993 and worked as General Designer Assistant for China Manned Space Program until 2000. Then he worked as Managing Director of EurasSpace GmbH s, a Sino-German space joint venture. He played an important role in space business development, large project management, project financing and insurance, and export license management. As the founder of CASC European Office based in Paris in 2010, he served as the Chief representative for 7 years before he joint ISU in 2017.

Outside of ISU, Professor Sun is a board member of Moon Village Association (MVA), and a selection board member of Karman Project.