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Prepare your future in the space sector with ISU’s New Master of Space Studies

For the academic year 2023/2024, the International Space University (ISU) introduces a new curriculum for the Master of Space Studies program. The program is delivered primarily at the ISU Central Campus in Strasbourg (France) between 4 September 2023 and 21 June 2024, followed by an internship of 3-6 months.

With the arrival of NewSpace, new business models and partnerships between academia, research organizations, and industry are emerging. The space sector is increasingly integrated with other economic sectors. International cooperation and multi-stakeholder partnerships will be the key to innovation. The new ISU Master’s program integrates these global space economy trends across several disciplines, including space applications, space science and exploration, space policy, space sustainability, space security, space law, and space entrepreneurship.

ISU President, Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund says: ISU must keep the pace to provide cutting-edge education that reflects the rapid developments in the space sector, increased entrepreneurship, commercial opportunities, and the integration of the non-space sector. With its new curriculum of the Master of Space Studies program, ISU will prepare the future workforce of the space sector for global opportunities and challenges ahead.”

All courses, projects, experiments, and workshops that are part of this program reflect the dynamic public and commercial space sector of today. Entrepreneurship in the space sector plays a key role, covering the creation and financing of space start-ups, as well as concepts of modern project management.

The main goal of the ISU Master’s degree in Space Studies is the formation of interdisciplinary space professionals, in response to the needs of the rapidly evolving sector. This broad basis is complemented by a thorough specialization in a specific space field, building on pre-existing studies and professional careers. After obtaining a robust technical, scientific, and policy understanding of space activities in the first semester, students choose a specialized curriculum from multiple tracks in the second semester, to acquire in-depth knowledge on one core subject area of Space Studies:

  • Track 1: Space Engineering and Applications
  • Track 2: Space Science and Exploration
  • Track 3: Space Policy and Entrepreneurship

The Master of Space Studies program is composed of both interdisciplinary and specialized modules, activities that reflect best methodological practices, practical and research modules, all of which are complemented by an internship. Cross-disciplinary workshops across all tracks allow students to obtain high-level academic interdisciplinary knowledge and work together as a team.

The Master of Space Studies program is designed for students from a diverse range of educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds.

  • The MSS is intended for individuals seeking professional development, further academic study, or both
  • The MSS supports students that want to pursue a space career through ISU’s worldwide network of space organizations
  • The MSS supports experienced professionals in their careers, to facilitate a change of career within the space sector or a career move into the space sector

More details can be found here.