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ISU’s statement of solidarity with Ukraine

The International Space University is an institution dedicated to international collaboration and to the open and scholarly pursuit of the peaceful exploration and development of space. Our institution is deeply committed to peace and unequivocally condemns any form of violence that may undermine the integrity of individuals. The current international situation is extremely worrying and our solidarity goes out to the people of Ukraine and all those suffering in their plight.

We recognize that there are members of our university community and alumni who are personally impacted by these events. We are deeply concerned about the lasting effects this war will have for Ukrainian universities and the academic community. As an institution of higher education, we have a responsibility to use our research and education programs to contribute to a better world. ISU wants to express its support to academic partners in Ukraine and plans to offer fellowships to Ukrainian students in the near future.

As this tragedy unfolds, we will examine the relevant consequences in detail. Space has brought people from different backgrounds together which resulted in outstanding advances for humankind. We hope that this collaboration and progress will not be halted. Our thoughts are with Ukraine and we hope for a swift peaceful resolution.