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ISU’s Executive Space Course at the Norwegian Space Agency

The International Space University’s first Executive Space Course co-organized and hosted by the Norwegian Space Agency (NOSA) took place from 27 to 31 May 2024 at NOSA’s state-of-the-art facilities, in Oslo, Norway.


Diverse Participation and Expertise

The course boasted 32 participants from 14 different countries, including Japan, Saudi Arabia, the USA, the Republic of Türkiye, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Norway amongst others. Participants ranged from senior lead project engineers to space insurance directors, representing organizations like Amazon Web Services, Innovation Norway, Kongsberg Satellite Service, NYK Line, Price Forbes, Point Nine Portugal, Roketsan, SES, Thales Alenia Space, The University of Arizona. This diverse group engaged actively with the comprehensive curriculum offered.


A Rich Curriculum Led by Experts

More than 20 industry and academic leaders shared insights across all facets of the space sector. The course highlighted space sustainability and provided a 360° view of space activities with a local perspective. Special sessions included contributions from ISU alumni and local experts from NOSA for example, enhancing the curriculum’s relevance and impact.


Networking and Practical Insights

A highlight for many was the visit to the Kjeller Innovation Center and the European Space Agency ESA Business Incubation Center, where participants explored new business opportunities with promising startups. The course also featured unique networking opportunities, such as a combined space and rock music show, facilitating valuable connections with local alumni and industry leaders.



Participants praised the quality of the speakers and the relevance of the topics. One participant remarked, “It had been years since I last sat in a lecture; this course was refreshing and very stimulating. I’m returning to my organization with new ideas ready for implementation.” Another noted the interdisciplinary approach as eye-opening, saying, “I did not expect to learn so much in just 4.5 days. This course revealed how truly interdisciplinary the space sector is.”


Looking Ahead

The course equipped participants with a deeper understanding of the space sector and its myriad opportunities. “My company has no space unit yet, but we have won a contract with a space agency and we need to learn fast about this sector,” said a participant, highlighting the practical benefits of the ESC.


A special thank you to our co-organizer and host, the Norwegian Space Agency, and our sponsor, Euro SpaceHub.


Join Us Next Time

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