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ISU MSS23 Team Projects’ Presentations

One of the most significant annual events at the International Space University (ISU) is the Master of Space Studies Team Project (TP) final presentations. On 11th May 2023, both ISU Master of Space Studies (MSS23) teams presented their major findings of their Team Project (TP).

For nine months, two teams of international students attending the ISU MSS23 program have diligently written professional reports on areas of importance to the future of space exploration. Working in these international, interdisciplinary, intercultural teams prepares these students for the challenges they will face ahead as leaders of the space industry.

The objective of these Team Projects is to create an innovative conceptual study covering a topic of emerging importance to the future of space development. During these nine months, students must tackle each issue from a multi‐disciplinary perspective including engineering, policy, law, business, sciences, and more. The final product of each Team Project is presented before a panel of ISU Faculty and experts from industry, academia, and governmental agencies.

The topics of this year’s team project presentations were:

CSS ENTERPRISE – Feasibility study for a Commercial Space Station in low Earth orbit

As the way humanity explores and interacts with space is changing, an interdisciplinary study has been undertaken. It offers a practical and meaningful perspective on the operational development of a Commercial Space Station in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Here, the team evaluates the technical and economically feasible activities which will assist and foster a sustainable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in LEO.

TP CSS Enterprise was chaired by ISU resident faculty Dr. Virgina Wotring, Dr. Tejumola Taiwo, and Prof. Gongling Sun.

Authors of TP CSS Enterprise include:

Alexandre-Dimosthénis Benas

Dmytro Bilash

Pierfrancesco Chiavetta

Jacinda Cottee

Silvia Farras Aloy

Jonathan Farrow

Stirling Forbes

Mirella Gil Natividad

Diego Greenhalgh

Manav Gupta

Laura Morelli

Rowan Moorkens O’Reilly

Charlotte Pouwels

Anusha Santhosh

Mustafa Shahid

Benjamin Shapiro

Carla Tamai

Aoife van Linden Tol

Eleonora Zanus

VENUS – Inspiring the Next Generation of Space Explorers

A physical board game about the exploration of Venus, designed to promote STEM and multidisciplinary education among a broad audience, while presenting concepts related to science, engineering, and human exploration of the planet.

TP Venus was chaired by ISU resident faculty Prof. Hugh Hill and Dr. Bertrand Goldman.

Authors of TP Venus include:

Tomasz Adach

Kais Barmawi

Pedro Mena Barranco

Darren Berlein

Maria-Francesca Cecchi

Sarah Jacob

Miraslava Kazlouskaya

Guilhem Le Carrour

Alexandra Lissouba

Gauram Majmudar

Rameela Ramesh

David Serrano

Polina Shtern

Martin Smye-Rumsby

Pierre Szarzynski

Xosé Manuel Tomé Castro

Solène Wurtz-Pra

James Xie

More information on both projects can soon be found on the ISU library website, whereas those interested in watching the presentations can view them on ISU’s Youtube channel.

The students learned more about themselves as they managed the project and completed their tasks, with continual communication and review by other team members, moving their whole team closer toward their common goal.

Congratulations to the whole class of MSS23 for their dedication and hard work!