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ISU discusses the value of space solutions for water management

Professor Nicolas PETER, the International Space University’s (ISU) President,  attended the 2024 “Assises rhénanes de l’eau” on 23 March 2024, to showcase the value of space solutions for water management. The event was hosted by the European collectivity of Alsace (CEA) and attended by policymakers, business representatives, water users, scientists, journalists from France, Germany, and Switzerland, and open to the general public.


ISU was present during the round-table discussion about water and the related economy.  Joining Prof Peter was Anne-Marie Jean from the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg. She is currently in charge of the Strasbourg Port Authority — the second largest river port in France and cornerstone to the Central European economy. Also on the panel was Edouard Haag, the CEO of Meteor which is the largest privately owned brewery in France. Finally, the President of the European collectivity of Alsace, Mr Frederic Bierry, joined the panel as well to showcase the initiatives being carried out by public actors.


Prof Peter presented the role of space in providing solutions for a variety of sectors such as agriculture, forestry, and logistical needs on the Rhine River. Two recent success stories from the ISU Incubator, Watershed Monitoring and EwoSmart, were also highlighted as new businesses using space data to create innovative solutions for water management.

ISU is committed to promoting the use of space for sustainability and will be hosting on its central campus a conference on “Space for water management” on 18 April 2024 from 14.00 to 18.00CEST. Register here!