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ISU Attended the 38th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, USA

There was no better place for the International Space University (ISU) to announce the accreditation of its new Master of Space Science (MSc) in Space Studies than the 38th Space Symposium held in Colorado Springs, USA.

The Space Symposium is a forward-thinking annual world-class event bringing together more than 10,000 people including leaders from the space industry, government, military, and academia to discuss the latest developments in space exploration and technology, future achievements, and opportunities.

It was also the opportunity for ISU to re-affirm the establishment of its permanent presence on the North American continent, to a global audience. 

Dr. Ken Davidian, an ISU alumnus, and Vice President for ISU’s North American Operations said:

“Since my introduction to the International Space University in 1989, I have shared and cherished its values of education and pluralism. I am delighted to be the point of contact for ISU’s North American Operations. During this Space Symposium, I have had the privilege to engage and meet with many people and strengthen ties with US-based partners”.

ISU’s booth, tended by ISU faculty members, staff, and alumni, was the meeting point for ISU alumni and future participants and students to its programs, be it the Master of Space Studies, Master of Science in Space Studies, Space Studies Program, Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program or Executive Space Course.

Thank you all for stopping by!

Next rendez-vous: The International Astronautical Conference (IAC23) in Baku, Azerbaijan from 2 to 6 October 2023.