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International Space University Celebrates the Graduation of the Master of Space Studies Class of 2023

On Friday 15th December 2023, 35 Master of Space Studies (MSS) students from 18 countries proudly wearing their royal blue ISU stoles, walked down the steps of the Cosmos auditorium at the International Space University (ISU) to collect their MSS diplomas.

In his welcoming speech, ISU President Nicolas Peter highlighted the exceptional achievements of the graduating class. A notable 80% of the graduates have secured employment even before completing their master’s degrees, with the remaining students actively engaged in job interviews. The President also emphasized the change and growth ISU has undergone, now boasting 5600 alumni from 112 countries. He commended the resilience of the class – MSS23 – and the unwavering dedication of the ISU faculty.

ICESCO Director-General, Dr. Salim M. Al-Malik, then addressed the graduates via teleconferencing. He extended warm congratulations and offered words of encouragement, urging them to persist in their endeavors to contribute to the development of space sciences to tackle future challenges with a combination of scientific passion, an inquisitive spirit of exploration, and love for knowledge.

Guest speaker and ISU alum Raphael Roettgen addressed the graduates, speaking on the outstanding space achievements of alumni and the importance of endoctrinating interdisciplinarity and collaboration in their future endeavors.

The Dean, Vice-President for Academics and Research and Masters’ director of ISU, Dr. Su-Yin Tan paid tribute to two global faculty members, Jim Burke, and Mikhael Marov, remembered as great friends and enthusiastic advocates for space. A history of ISU was recounted, including mention of Morla Milne, a significant figure in the university’s narrative.

Dr. Tan’s address led into a video review of the year spent at ISU by the MSS23 class. View it here!

Student representatives – Ms. Alexandra Lissouba and Mr. Diego Guimaraes Greenhalgh

then honored the collective journey of the MSS23 class – how they navigated the complexities of the space studies and how now they carry the legacy of ISU with pride, looking forward to their future space career.

The ceremony culminated in the distribution of diplomas, facilitated by ISU’s teaching assistant Victoria Rendon and executive o Dane Coult, and concluded with closing words by Victoria Rendon. Each segment of the ceremony was carefully timed to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for all attendees.

Students who graduated include:

Tomasz Adach

Kais Barmawi

Alexandre-Dimosthénis Benas 

Darren Berlein 

Dmytro Bilash 

Maria-Francesca Cecchi

Pierfrancesco Chiavetta 

– Jacinda Cottee

Rameela Davanagere Ramesh

Silvia Farras Aloy

Jonathan Farrow: CUM LAUDE

Stirling Forbes 

Mirella Gil Natividad

Diego Guimaraes Greenhalgh

Manav Gupta

Miraslava Kazlouskaya

Guilhem Le Carrour 

Alexandra Lissouba: CUM LAUDE

Gauravam Majmudar 

Pedro Mena-Barranco

Rowan Moorkens O’Reilly

Laura Morelli

Anusha Santosh

David Serrano: CUM LAUDE

Mustafa Shahid

Benjamin Shapiro

Polina Shtern

Martin Smye-Rumsby

Carla Tamai

Xosé Manuel Tome Castro

Aoife Van Linden Tol

Solène Wurtz-Pra

James Xie: CUM LAUDE

Eleonora Zanus

– Charlie Laran (MSS22) 

– Kévin Guegan (MSS21) 

The International Space University’s Master of Space Studies class of 2023 stands as a testament to the institution’s commitment to fostering leaders equipped to take on the challenges of tomorrow’s space endeavors.

The stole is more than just a piece of academic regalia! It represents the twelve-month journey of the Master students at ISU central campus including their academic achievements, personal growth, and the rich tapestry of experiences that have woven together to create their unique narrative. And symbolizes the collective spirit that will continue to unite them as ISU alumni.

Memories of the MSS23 graduation can be found on ISU’s Flickr account here.

Replay of the ISU MSS23 graduation ceremony can be viewed here on ISU’s Youtube channel.