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Dr. Bertrand Goldman




Bertrand Goldman is the Research Facilitator of the International Space University and a resident faculty on the Central Campus.
He has contributed as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator to various observing astronomy projects related to the study of brown dwarfs and ultra-cool dwarfs, search for Galactic dark matter, and the study of nearby open clusters and moving streams.

Bertrand Goldman served as EU expert for the CoFUND programs, in telescope time allocation committees for the Calar Altar and European Southern Observatories, and chaired the Science Policy Oversight Committee of the Pan-STARRS1 Consortium.

Bertrand Goldman holds a Master degree and PhD in Theoretical Physics of Université de Paris Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, and studied history of sciences in Université de Paris Denis-Diderot and Princeton University.

Academic Education

  • 2001 PhD in Theoretical Physics
  • 1994 MSc in Theoretical Physics

Professional Experience

  • 2019 Resident faculty, Research facilitator
  • 2004–2019 Staff member, Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
  • 2001–2004 Postdoctoral research, New Mexico State University and NASA Ames Research Center

Memberships in Academies and Committees (currently active)

  • Member of the SF2A
  • Member of the EAS

Research Expertise and Teaching Interests


  • Ultra-cool dwarfs and low-mass stars
  • Open clusters and stellar streams
  • Microlensing
  • Galactic dark matter, cool white dwarfs
  • Large datasets
  • Data mining


Publications in peer-reviewed journals: 86 h-index: 38
Invited reviews, book chapters and conference papers: 87

Selected publications in peer-reviewed journals:

  • Berghea, C. T.; Makarov, V. V.; Quigley, K.; Goldman, B.: Optical Variability of ICRF3 Quasars in the PanSTARRS 3Pi Survey with Functional Principal Component Analysis, 2022, The Astronomical Journal, 162, 21.: 10.3847/1538-3881/abfc51
  • Blaineau, T.; Moniez, M.; Afonso, C.; Albert, J.-N.; Ansari, R.; Aubourg, É.; Coutures, C.; Glicenstein, J.-F. ; Goldman, B.; Hamadache, C.; Lasserre, T.; LeGuillou, L.; Lesquoy, É.; Magneville, C.; Marquette, J.-B.; Palanque-Delabrouille, N.; Perdereau, O.; Rich, J.; Spiro, M.; Tisserand, P.: New limits from microlensing on Galactic Black Holes in the mass range 10M<M<1000M, 2022, accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics, arXiv:2202.13819
  • Lam, M.C.;…; Goldman, B.; et al.: The white dwarf luminosity functions from the Pan-STARRS 1 3π Steradian Survey, 2019, MNRAS 482, 715
  • Röser, S.; Schilbach. E.; Goldman, B.: Hyades tidal tails revealed by Gaia DR2, 2019, Astronomy & Astrophysics 621, 2
  • , R.L.;…; Goldman, B.; et al.: Parallaxes of Southern Extremely Cool objects III: 118 L and T dwarfs, 2018, MNRAS 481, 354
  • Goldman, B.; Röser, S.; Schilbach, E.; et al.: A Large Moving Group within the Lower Centaurus Crux Association, 2018 Astrophysical Journal 868, 32
  • Malhan, K.;…; Goldman, B.; et al.: STREAMFINDER II: A possible fanning structure parallel to the GD-1 stream in Pan-STARRS1, 2018, ApJ 478, 3862
  • Tang, S.-Y.;…; Goldman, B.: Characterization of Stellar and Substellar Members in the Coma Berenices Star Cluster, 2018, Astrophysical Journal 862, 106
  • Röser, S.; Schilbach. E.; Goldman, B.: et al.: A new compact young moving group around V1062 Scorpii, 2018, Astronomy & Astrophysics 614, 81
  • Tian, H.-J.;…; Goldman, B; et al.: A Gaia-PS1-SDSS (GPS1) Proper Motion Catalog Covering 3/4 of the Sky, 2017 Astrophysical Journal Supp 232, 4
  • Manjavacas, E.;…; Goldman, B.; et al.: Testing the existence of optical linear polarization in young brown dwarfs, 2017, MNRAS 468, 3024
  • Bernard, E. J.;…; Goldman, B.; et al.: A Synoptic Map of Halo Substructures from the Pan-STARRS1 3π Survey, 2016, MNRAS 463, 1759
  • Goldman, B.; Röser, S.; Schilbach, E.; et al.: Towards a complete stellar mass function of the Hyades. I. Pan-STARRS1 optical observations of the low-mass stellar content, 2013, Astronomy & Astrophysics 559, 43
  • Goldman, B.; et al.: A new benchmark T8-9 brown dwarf and a couple of new mid-T dwarfs from the UKIDSS DR5+ LAS, 2010, MNRAS 405, 1140
  • Goldman, B.; et al.: Binarity at the L/T brown dwarf transition. Adaptive optics search for companions, 2008, Astronomy & Astrophysics 490, 763
  • Goldman, B.; et al.: CLOUDS search for variability in brown dwarf atmospheres. Infrared spectroscopic time series of L/T transition brown dwarfs, 2008, Astronomy & Astrophysics 487, 277

Fellowships, Prizes & Awards

  • Commissariat à l´Énergie Atomique, Research grant (1995-2000)
  • Princeton University, Proctor fellow (1993–1994)
  • Humboldt fellow (2004-2006)