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An In-Person Journey on Space Resources Utilization Led by CSM, ISU and ESRIC

Great success for the third edition of the Space Resources Professional Course (SRPC) co-organized by the Colorado School of Mines CMS, International Space University ISU and the European Space Resources Innovation Centre ESRIC!

Angel Abbud-Madrid, the faculty lead for this course took the 38 participants from all backgrounds and industries on a “mining” journey to space and back. On the way participants learnt that Space Resource Utilization (SRU) or In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) is the use of natural resources from the Moon, Mars and other bodies for use in situ or elsewhere in the Solar System.

The curriculum was delivered by experts from four organizations:

Angel Abbud-Madrid is the Director of the Center for Space Resources at the Colorado School of Mines.

Pascale Ehrenfreund is President of the International Space University and the International Astronautical Federation

Kathryn Hadler is the director of the European Space Resources Innovation Centre

Mathias Link is Director of International Affairs and at the Luxembourg Space Agency.

Alexandre Meurisse is a research fellow in Lunar ISRU at the European Space Agency – ESA.

Just like the first two editions – in-person in 2019 and on-line in 2021 – several ISU alumni attended this popular course.

Camilo Andres Reyes a participant to SRPC22, ISU alumnus and satellite engineer comments:

“In only 1,5 day I have learned so much about space mining, utilization plans, policy, socio-economic, space structure and construction to utilize extraterrestrial resources on other planets! Working in groups, just like we do during ISU’s Space Studies Program, allowed us to deliver a condensed team project aiming to demonstrate how best resources like lunar regolith can be utilized and what the business opportunities are.”

Congratulations to all 38 participants for their engagement and excellent teamwork and good business ideas. We wish all participants successful career paths and successful new business lines for their employers. Participants will be surprised by how much of this success may derive from the contacts they have made during this short course.

We thank all the speakers and partners including Bob Lamboray representing the Luxembourg Space Agency. A fourth edition of this Space Resources Professional Course is already under discussion. Stay tuned!

Picture Credit: Bernard Foing