The International Space University is an institution founded on the vision of a peaceful, prosperous and boundless future through the study, exploration and development of space for the benefit of all humanity.
It is a place where students and faculty from all backgrounds are welcomed; where diversity of culture, philosophy, lifestyle, training and opinion are honored and nurtured.

‘’The ISU MSS was by far the best year of my studies. I was ecstatic to get up every morning and enjoyed every second of the program. For the first time in my life, I was interested in everything I was learning and I was sharing the same passion as all of my classmates, wherever they came from. After ISU I easily found a job in the Space Sector. But after a few years I was missing the ISU ‘’spirit’’ too much, so I came back to work for ISU. You can watch a video overview of all ISU programs here’’

Nassim Bovet

MSS01, France, ISU Head of Admissions and alumni affairs

Funding and scholarships

The International Space University is provided funding from industry and government agencies to help support MSS, SSP, ISP and SHSSP students who are unable to cover all of their tuition fees. This aid is available to selected applicants, and covers a portion of their tuition fees. It is paid directly to ISU by the sponsoring organization. Please note that the MSS scholarships do not cover living expenses, which need to be secured by the applicants.

This financial aid is available in particular for:

  • Applicants from Europe (the following countries have priority: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom)
  • Applicants from the United States, Canada and Australia
  • Applicants from developing countries
  • Applicants from other countries (within the limits of funds available)
  • Applicants from the following organizations are entitled to at least 50% scholarships for SSP, SHSSP and MSS: SGAC, WIA, Euroavia, NASA Academy, SEDS, Brooke Owens Fellows, Matthew Izakowitz Fellows. Please indicate in your application that you are a member.


Financial aid is granted on the basis of:

  • Academic and professional merit
  • Demonstrated efforts in personal fund-raising
  • Demonstrated financial need

Financial aid will be awarded within the limits of funds available, so early applications are highly recommended. Please note that the relevant box on the Confidential Financial Information form of the application must be checked. It is recommended that candidates make a personal effort to raise funds enabling them to attend the program. Such initiatives are taken into consideration when ISU allocates funding.

When submitting your application to ISU, please don’t forget to attach your resume. Your resume may be given by ISU Staff Members to sponsors. However, ISU will not give its sponsors contact information, but will try its best to match applicant’s profiles to sponsor requirements.

The ISU Funding Committee, which includes both faculty and Sponsors, awards funding to applicants whose career goals appear to stand to gain substantial benefit from the ISU programs.

MSS scholarships are granted to help towards tuition fees only. ISU does not assist with living expenses, travel or insurance costs for the MSS. SSP scholarships are granted for help towards tuition fees and living expenses only. ISU does not assist with travel expenses or health insurance for the SSP.

You will find below the list of partners who have supported ISU students for many years.

Please note that unless specified otherwise, you should go through ISU when applying for scholarships and not directly to the sponsors.

One full MSS scholarship and several MSS and SSP partial scholarships for French applicants.


Several MSS and SSP partial scholarships for citizens of ESA member states only.

logo asi

1 full MSS scholarship, 1 full SH-SSP scholarship and several partial SSP scholarships for Italian citizens.

Scholarship available for SSP or MSS: $10,000 (limited to US citizens, with preference given to AAS and SEDS-USA members). Apply directly to AAS


Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund Scholarships: full scholarships to the value of A$14,000 or half scholarships to the value of A$7,000 for attendance at the SHSSP (Australian citizens and residents only).


Total of 30,000 GBP available for UK applicants for SSP and MSS (Application deadline : 15 March for full applications)

The requirement to qualify is to pursue education in a satellite-related discipline. The amount available goes from 2,500 to 3,500 USD. The applications need to be made HERE.


Partial funding support available for Austrian applicants for the SSP.

logo ARQUS (versión positivo)

Partial funding support available for selected applicants for the SSP.

ISU is approved for US Federal Student loans from the US Department of Education (only for US citizens attending the Master of Space Studies). For more information please click here.

Other sources of support

We recommend that applicants undertake their own fundraising efforts to increase their chances for enrollment at ISU. Here are some tips:

☞ Start with non-governmental sources and foundations; they are more likely to give you financial support to attend ISU. Funding is more likely to come in small amounts and from a number of sponsors, than from one sponsor. Another possibility is to approach newspapers, magazines, and community organizations and offer to write an article or give a talk about your experiences in return for an agreed sponsorship amount.
☞ Some students attending ISU are sponsored by their employers. Others obtain sponsorship from companies, government agencies or international organizations, educational foundations, etc. In some countries, the ISU National Liaison may be able to advise applicants (their citizens only). Some financial organizations offer loans at low interest rates to promising young professionals. Applicants are encouraged to investigate all possibilities available to them.

The following are links to potential sponsors and various institutions with whom you may be eligible for scholarships or loans if you fit their criteria (but please note that there is no guarantee, and that some grants that were given in the past may not exist any more). We encourage you to visit their websites for further details.

SSPI Scholarships available for students in fields related to satellite technology

French Embassy Scholarships available in your country of residence can possibly be granted for studying in France. Contact your nearest French Embassy (in your place of residence). Scholarships available to all citizenships

Rotary Club Scholarships available to all citizenships

Lions Club Scholarships available to all citizenships

The World Meteorological Organization “Voluntary Cooperation Program” available for applicants coming from emerging countries through the Direction of the Meteo organization of your country of residence. Scholarships available to all citizenships

Centennial Scholarship Fund Royal Aeronautical Society Scholarships available to all citizenships

ISSF Graduate Student Fellowship Program Scholarships available to applicants studying at a university located in a member country participating in the International Space Station

Toptal Scholarships for Women: Toptal® is awarding $10,000 and a year of mentorship to five future female leaders who want to change the world.

The Austrian space industry association (AUSTROSPACE) For Austrian citizens only
Styria Government For Austrian citizens only
The Schmiedl Foundation- Graz For Austrian citizens only

Fondation Belge de la vocation For Belgian applicants only

Canadian Students Loans

Ontario Student Support Branch Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Manitoba Student Financial Assistance Department of Education and Training

Alberta Students Finance Alberta Learning Information Service

Newfoundland Student Aid Division Department of Education Thompson Student Centre

British Columbia Student Aid Branch Advanced Education, Training and Technology

Quebec Student Financial Assistance Programs Ministère de l’éducation


Baxter & Alma Ricard Foundation for Canadians French speaking citizens only

University of Alberta – Education Abroad For Alberta University students only

CRESTech, a division of the Ontario Centers of Excellence Inc Various scholarships may be available for Canadian citizens only

Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Various scholarships may be available for Canadian citizens only

Ingenioerforeningen i Danmark For Danish applicants only

Otto Moensteds Fond For Danish applicants only

Reinholdt W. Jorck og Hustrus Fond For Danish applicants only

General information about Danish scholarships For Danish applicants only

Augustinus Fonden For Danish applicants only

Knud Højgaards Fonden For Danish applicants only

Oticon Fonden For Danish applicants only

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland Financial assistance to study abroad for Finnish applicants

Bourses ESPACE (CNES / Fondation des Ailes de France) Scholarship for French citizens

IEDU Various scholarships available for French citizens

Fondation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet For French citizens only

Regione Autonoma Della Sardaigna For Candidates from Sardegna only

Charpak Master’s Program for Indian nationals residing in India only

Cedies For citizens from Luxembourg only

Conacyt For Mexican students only

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Only for applicants from Portugal

“La Caixa” GRANTS Grants available for post-graduate programs. These grants are handled by the King of Spain himself. For Spanish students only

Cabildo De Gran Canaria For students coming from Gran Canaria only

DURSI Information Society, Research and University Department of the ‘Generalitat de Catalunya ‘ (GENCAT) Grants for short research periods abroad Catalonia For Spanish students looking for a future PhD diploma (as the SSP academic program can be in relationship with a doctoral thesis)

CSN (Swedish Financial Aid for students) Form 5501M- Student Loan- Sweden For Swedish citizens only

Grants- Sweden For Swedish citizens only

The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm For Swedish citizens only

The Wallenberg Association “Tekn. Dr. Markus Wallenbergs fond for utbildning i internationellt industriellt foretagande”Stiftelseforvaltningen –106 40 Stockholm- Sweden Particular link: “OVRIGA STIFTELSER” For Swedish citizens only

Kempe-foundation For Swedish citizens only

SSPF For Dutch citizens or residents in The Netherlands and for Dutch citizens working or studying abroad

Federal Student Loans For American citizens only (for more information click here)

ISSF Grants are restricted to applicants studying at a university located in a member country participating in the International Space Station: USA, Canada, Japan, Russia and member European countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom).

Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program For US citizens or US permanent residents only

US GI Bill For US veterans only

Institute of International Education Fulbright Program For American citizens only

Space Grant For American citizens only

Studysoup For American citizens only

Commitment for tuition support

Each year many applicants wish to attend ISU programs but lack the financial means to do so. Using funding from various Agencies and the space industry, as well as donations, ISU has managed to provide part of the tuition from its own funding to allow applicants to bridge the gap between the full tuition and the participants’ personal contribution.

As the funding from these different sources is decreasing, ISU has been forced to introduce a system of pledges whereby such an advance is made on a reimbursable basis. Although based upon a moral obligation and not a contractual one, and in the interest of helping future applicants to finance their studies at ISU, applicants are therefore asked to make a best effort to reimburse a portion of the scholarship they have received when this becomes financially possible for them.


It is important to note that in most countries, it will be possible to deduct a large portion of the repaid sums from income taxes (see: ISU joins the Transnational Giving Network).

Applicants should not hesitate to contact ISU for more information in this regard.


1. The first year after graduation those who remain unemployed or pursue further studies will not be asked for repayment.

2. One year after graduation an installment plan is suggested. Note that installment plans suggest a 50% repayment only of the scholarship received, in order to minimize applicants’ financial burden.

3. If salary at that point in time does not allow to sustain the payment plan, a justification for either a delay or reduced payments can be requested from the ISU Director of Administration and Finance to find an acceptable compromise.

4. Finally, to reduce the commitment duration, those who are employed immediately after graduation will be asked to begin the reimbursement process after closure of the program as reflected in their installment plans.

New Scholarships thanks to Alumni Payback

The International Space University (ISU) is very grateful to the following alumni, sponsoring scholarships via the voluntary payback system. ISU guarantees that the funds received will be used exclusively to provide scholarships, to applicants for future ISU programs, which cannot afford the tuition fees.

The following alumni have either paid back fully or are in the process of doing so under the flexible payback conditions.

Our thanks to all of them!

Matteo Aquilano (MSS15), Alana Bartolini (SSP14), Maya Bartov (SSP16), Miles Bengtson (SSP17), (Audrey Berquand, SSP17), Laura Bettiol, (SSP15, paid back fully), Natalia Larrea Brito (SSP14), Nathan Brookes (SSP15), Gary Calnan (SSP17), Nicolas Chuecos (SSP14), Lorraine Conroy (SSP17, paid back fully), Andrea Coto (SH-SSP18, paid back fully), Alexandria Dominique Farias (SSP17), Matthew Foster (SSP16), Michael Gallagher (SSP14, paid back fully), Thomas Godard (SSP14), Stephen Grixti (SSP14, paid back fully), Julia Heuritsch (SSP16), Lars Hoving (SSP15, paid back fully), Hatem Alkhafaji Hussein (MSS17), Jovan Kljajic (SSP14, paid back fully), Christopher Kenny (MSS15), Daniel Long (SSP14), Mohamed Makthoum (MSS16), André Mas, (SSP14, paid back fully), Sebastian Marcu (SSP14), Melissa Mirino (SH-SSP16, paid back fully), Rashmi Nayar (SH-SSP16, paid back fully), Hannah Petersson (SSP16), Arnau Pons Lorente (SSP15), Jans Raymaekers (SSP14, paid back fully), Allyson Reneau (SSP14), Yessica Dennise Reyes Gutiérrez (SH-SSP17), Timo Rühl (SSP17), Tanay Sharma (SSP14), Abigail Sherriff (MSS15), Matthew Shouppe (SSP14), Andrea Fatima Sorice Genaro (SSP15, paid back fully), Nurudeen Suleiman (MSS15), Chaitra Suvarna (MSS15), Reinhard Tlustos (SSP15, paid back fully), Tatsunari Tomiyama (SSP15), Ray Vandenhoeck (SSP16), Tom Willems (SSP15, paid back fully).


General questions

ISU is an institution which recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary studies for the successful exploration and development of space. It is dedicated to international affiliations, collaboration, and open, scholarly pursuits related to outer space exploration and development. ISU is a place where students and faculty from all backgrounds are welcomed; where diversity of culture, philosophy, lifestyle, training and opinion are honored and nurtured.


Students who successfully complete the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SHSSP) will receive:

  • A Certificate from ISU, and
  • An Executive Certificate from the University of South Australia (UniSA)

Holders of the Executive Certificate will receive 50 percent credit upon admission to the UniSA Graduate Certificate in Space Studies and may be granted credit in a UniSA undergraduate program with the approval of the Program Director.


The MSS degree is formally authenticated by China Embassy in France, and recognized by the Ministry of Education.


ISU is formally recognized as an institute of higher education by the French Ministry of Education (decree MENS0400386A of 27 February 2004).

ISU is also recognized as a full member of EURASHE and is in the process of adapting its Master Program to the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG – Bologna process). In the meantime, the ISU Master of Space Studies (MSS) is not fully accredited.

The MSS degree is recognized as equivalent to the Bologna M2 degree on the basis of bilateral agreements with the the University of Paris XI and the University of Stuttgart.
The University of Strasbourg (UniStra) considers MSS graduates for its PhD programs on a case by case basis, through its dedicated PhD Admissions Committee.


The ISU MSS degree is formally recognized by the Ministry of Education.


The MSS degree is recognized by Tohoku University towards PhD programs.


The ISU MSS degree is formally recognized by the Ministry of Education.


The MSS degree is recognized by Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) towards PhD programs.


ISU has been approved by the United States Department of Education as an eligible institution under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended; therefore, ISU may participate in United States federal student financial aid programs.

ISU has also been approved by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as an eligible institution for “GI Bill” financial aid.

The ISU Center for Space Entrepreneurship at the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) awards a 12 credit-hour graduate certificate upon completion of the Commercial Space Program (CSP) at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). The CSP is fully accredited by the US Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Other countries:

Students may be able to receive credit in PhD, graduate and undergraduate programs at other universities upon completion of the ISU programs. Obtaining credit will be the responsibility of the individual student.

The SSP changes location every year and takes place in a different country.

The MSS always takes place at the ISU central Campus in Strasbourg, France.

Admissions Process

Yes! ISU offers an international and interdisciplinary education. Our students come from all over the world with both technical and non-technical backgrounds.

We do not have any age restriction since we consider it is essential to share different experiences to create an interaction within a group of students. On the other hand you need to have completed at least 3 years of university studies to be eligible for the SSP, and to hold a BSc degree (or equivalent) to be eligible for the MSS.

Applying to ISU is an online process available at: You have to click on “Apply online”. Once you have entered the information requested in the form, you will receive an e-mail to confirm that you opened an application. Once you have validated the confirmation, you will then be able to log on your application to fill it in.

Once your online application is complete – it should reach 100% of completion to let you submitting it – you have to send the following documents by email in pdf at

  • your transcripts from University
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • a proof of proficiency in English, if English is not your mother tongue

As soon as we have received your documents, your application will be sent under evaluation to the Admissions Committee. We will then inform you on the outcome of the Admissions Committee’s decision as soon as we can.

Once your application is sent to the Admissions Committee for evaluation, it may take several weeks before you receive an answer.

The TOEFL certificate can be replaced by a letter from a professor or employer who can assess your level in English. A significant experience in an English-speaking country can also count as your proof of proficiency in English, but ISU reserves the right of accepting or refusing such proofs of proficiency.

If your transcripts are not in English, we invite you to have them translated. Nevertheless, transcripts in French are acceptable. It is also helpful to have the sending school include a brief description of any abbreviations used of the grading system in effect.

The deadline only concerns the submission of the online application. Your documents can be sent later. Nevertheless, be aware that the earlier your send your documents, the better your chances will be to obtain a partial scholarship, if needed – if you are accepted to the program and depending on scholarship availabilities.

Your documents should be sent by email in pdf to the following address:

Of course, you should ask your referees to send out directly your letters in pdf to the email address

Yes, but they should still follow the format of the ISU evaluation form.

You should send us your transcripts and proficiency in English to the following e-mail address:

The letters of recommendation should be sent by your evaluators directly.

MSS applicants will be required to bring their official transcripts on registration day.

This form is not mandatory but can be sent in addition to the letters of recommendation.

Our application process is a free of charge process.

If you have completed your online application you can defer it. It will be available for 3 years – including the year you first applied – ; you’ll then have to send us a new resume and the missing documents if any. You will also have to modify the Financial Information part of the application if needed. If you wish to update your online application, then send an e-mail to the admissions office in order to invalidate your application.

In case your application has been rejected by the Admissions Committee, you will be able to reapply again 1 year after your rejection. In that case, you will need to update your resume and provide any documents which support your new application.

If you realize that you finally prefer attending the Space Studies Program or the MSS different from the one originally chosen, this is possible. You will then have to send us an e-mail at admissions and we will provide any further instructions that may be necessary.

If you finally want to apply to the SHSSP, then you will have to fill in a new online application for this program here.

Students who have successfully completed the SSP can defer their application for the MSS programs, on the condition their application is accepted by the Admissions Committee for the MSS and that they graduate within seven years completion.

You will then have to send us a new resume and start the MSS from Module 2.

Unfortunately, ISU is not able to provide any part-time jobs to the students. Furthermore, this is a very intensive program requiring complete availability.

From the start of the MSS, students are required to consider and define their interests in discussion with their Academic Advisor. Students are responsible for establishing their own internship opportunities but ISU will provide guidance and support where appropriate and students must coordinate their internship activities with ISU. This co-ordination helps to ensure that the student’s internship will meet the academic and administrative requirements of the program and that wherever possible the student has the benefit of ISU’s network of contacts and past experience. It is also essential to ensure appropriate compliance with requirements of those organizations with which ISU has an established operating procedure for internship applications.

Online Application

You have to send us the documents as mentioned in the Admissions Process part under question 4.

Make sure you have filled all the fields that appear in light blue. Be careful, in the part “My information” there are 3 headers to be completed, as well as in the part “Essay, resume and biography”. If you cannot submit your application, please, contact the Admissions Office for assistance.

Once your application has been submitted, you are only able to modify the Financial Information part as well as your personal contact information. For any other modification, please, contact the Admissions Office in order that we invalidate your application.

Send an e-mail to We are not able to retrieve the password you have initially chosen but we can create a new one.

You have to make sure to send the Facts Sheet only if you send your application in paper. The paper application is only reserved to candidates who do not have any Internet access.

Funding & Scholarships

You apply for a scholarship directly in the online application, under the part “Financial information”. If you wish to apply for a partial scholarship, please, mention in the box the amount – in Euros – you will be able to contribute yourself, towards the tuition fees.

If you are accepted to the program, there is an ISU Funding Committee that is responsible for allocating such scholarship funds as may be available.

ISU is usually not able to provide any full scholarships or tuition fee waivers to the candidates, only partial funding support. Nevertheless, you may receive a full scholarship through the following external partners:

For the MSS:

  • CNES scholarship (for French citizens) – for more information, refer to the Funding & Scholarships section
  • ASI scholarship (for Italian citizens) – for more information, refer to the Funding & Scholarships section


For the SSP:

  • NSC (for Norwegian citizens) – for more information, refer to the Funding & Scholarships section


For the SH-SSP:

  • ASI scholarship (for Italian citizens) – for more information, refer to the Funding & Scholarships section
  • Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund Scholarships (for Australian citizens and residents) – for more information, refer to the Funding & Scholarships section

ISU is only able to provide scholarships partially covering the tuition fees – if you are accepted to the program and depending on scholarship availabilities.

Living expenses remain at the student’s charge.

You will be able to find out further sources of funding at our website under the part “Funding & Scholarships”.

Your scholarship request will be reviewed by the Funding Committee independently each year. Although you can defer your admission, the amount of the scholarship offered will not automatically be the same in a later year – except for candidates who paid their deposit to secure the scholarship.

The tuition fees for the SSP cover accommodation and meals for duration of the program. You are responsible for your travel and personal expenses.

For candidates applying to MSS, we usually recommend an approximate amount of 800 € per month to cover the living expenses.

You will receive assistance from the Student Affairs office as soon as you have paid your deposit to secure your place in to the MSS program.

If you need any further information, please, feel free to contact the Admissions Office.

A cancellation fee of 50% of deposit paid will not be refunded but could be deferred to a next program within a maximum of three years, when the cancellation occurs more than 10 working days prior to the start of the program or with a justified valid reason, as listed below.

A cancellation fee of 100% of deposit paid will not be refunded nor deferred for a next program when the cancellation occurs less than 10 working days prior to the start of the program unless there is a justified valid reason, as listed below, in which case the above policy will apply.

Valid reasons accepted by ISU are as follows, upon presentation of an official document: Medical issue, Family death, Visa issues, Job issues.