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42 Participants from 20 countries attending ISU’s Executive Space Course

42 participants from 20 countries attended the International Space University’s (ISU) Executive Space Course on ISU’s central campus in France, from 20 to 24 March 2023. Participants coming from as far as Columbia, Canada, the United States of America, Japan, South Korea – or closer – from Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, amongst others, were welcomed by ISU past president Prof. Walter Peeters.

This intensive one-week course aims to give a broad and comprehensive introduction to the space sector.

Participants explored topics from seven space disciplines – from policy and law and entrepreneurship to engineering, human space flight, and satellite applications including:

a workshop on microgravity, another one on how to build a satellite, the observation of the Sun, the discovery of space habitats, a talk by IRCAD’s Dr. Forgione (research and training in the surgery of the future), an insight into the journey of an ISU alumni founded start-up – SPIRE Global Inc. – given by one of the co-founders himself – Jeroen Cappaert.

Another new and innovative learning experience at ISU, initiated by ISU Prof. Virginia Wotring, took place in the shape of a “Space lunch” during which participants not only got to taste space like food and were introduced to the eating and living habits on the International Space Station but they had the opportunity to meet ISU’s Master of Space Studies students MSS23!

Lecturers and experts who contributed to the success of the course include:


Wasim Ahmed, Founder of the Metavisionaries

Jeroen Cappaert, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Spire Global Inc

Pascale Ehrenfreund, President ISU

Bertrand Goldman, Associate Professor in Astronomy and Research Facilitator ISU

James Green, Chief Scientist of the Metavisionaries

Hugh Hill, Full Professor in Space Sciences ISU

Joerg Kreisel, Space Business and Finance Consultant JKIC

Walter Peeters, Professor of Space Business and Management ISU, Past President of ISU

Nicolas Peter, Professor of the Practice in Space Policy and International Affairs ISU

Serge Plattard, Visiting Professor Space Security and Defence, Honorary Professor at UCL

Claude Rousseau, Consultant Analysis Market Research in the Satellite Industry Northern Sky Research (NSR)

Francois Spiero, Manager, European Space Affairs, French Prime Minister’s Office

Chris Stott, Entrepreneur and Founder of ManSat/Lonestar Data Holdings Inc

Gongling Sun, Full Professor in Space System Engineering and Space Policy ISU

Taiwo Tejumola, Assistant Professor Space Applications – Space Engineering ISU

Virginia Wotring, Full Professor in Human Performance in Space ISU

From the numerous posts on social media (and not just!), we can note that this course not only exceeded participants’ expectations by providing them with a new set of skills and a global outlook on the space sector, it also allowed them to go back to their companies with ideas on how to innovate, set up fruitful business endeavors, better prepare the future and experience first-hand how inspirational space can be.

Rendez-vous has already been given for some ESC23 participants on a nine- or eighteen-month-long ISU course!

Further information about ISU’s Executive Space Courses

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