Week 2 – Online

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After a successful week 1, we kicked off week 2 with the most complex seminar of the program. This was what we called a hybrid seminar, where we had Natalia Larrea Brito join us virtually from Canada while Gary Martin presented from Strasbourg. With the help of IT and flawless communication between the Online and Strasbourg, the seminar was a big success.
This week the Online Participants had the opportunity to join a wide selection of Elective Workshops (EWS). Whether they wanted to learn about Creating a Space Outreach Campaign or discover about AI for Satellite Imagery. The participants had the chance to listen to either Liad Yosef, William Kramer, Supreet Kaur, Madison Harringhton or Dr Su-Yin Tan. The lecturers gave us fantastic workshops, and if you missed out on Dr. Su-Yin’s, you can always listen to her on week 3 as she will be presenting her workshop again.

We had the privilege this week to welcome and hear from amazing lecturers such as Dr Su-Yin Tan, Virginia Wotring, Niamh Shaw, Angie Buckley, James Green, Claire Jolly, Walter Peeters, Barbara Imhof, Nityaporn Sirikan and Natalia Larrea Brito. 

Some of which will be giving more seminars in week 3.


Mentorship Sessions went into action for the first time this week, where participants were randomly assigned to a mentor. We had a selection of 40 mentors, all eager to share their experience and knowledge to the participants.

Intercultural night 2 was also a massif hit, where we go to learn all about France, China, USA, and England participants. Sharing their cultures, food, and stories of their country.

There were also optional activities in the evening, where we received a talk from the Space Industry in Spain – on the Current players and future trends Panel discussion, the possibility to have a fireside chat with a participant favorite, Jim Green, and a presentation on The Opportunities for Lunar Exploration, a Lockheed Martin Perspective.

Week 2 was jam packed with fascinating seminars, engaging workshops, mentorship sessions and of course fun. We are extremely excited for the remaining weeks to come, bring on week 3.

Picture 1: Dr Su-Yin Tan giving her EWS on Earth Observation Data Applications for Health Care Management and Services
Picture 2: Claire Jolly giving her seminar on Major Space Players

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