Week 1 – Strasbourg

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It’s started, and it’s on fire!

“We’re from all over!”

On June 26th, the participants started arriving from all over the world to ISU Campus. Italy, Israel, Spain, France, South Africa, India and many other places came to represent their countries in this amazing opportunity. The energy of the university completely changed, masked smiles and wrinkly eyes everywhere. Just how universities should be in these times.

Opening Ceremony: A Party to Remember!

On June 28th, the program started on the right foot! Amazing remarks from our Director Gary Martin were touching to us all. Greetings from Granada and our online participants showed how well our system is working, and how we’re walking hand in hand in this new phase.


ISU Strasbourg is taking very seriously our responsibilities with our participants. All safety measures are being followed with excellency! During lectures, all students maintain a 2 meters distance from each other, while using masks in our ventilated Cosmos Auditorium.

1. Must Wear Mask Protocol:
Our students are very aware of our strict rules on mask wearing in closed spaces. Our staff is constantly monitoring to make sure that participants are safe, in our premises and in the residence… And so far, so good! Another success for ISU and our participants.

2. Respect the distance: the personal space dialog.
As well as wearing masks inside, we’re making sure that in every activity, lecture and trip we’re maintaining a respectful distance from each other and others. Staff members have been spectacular in orienting our participants in all activities, as well as working with lecturers to adapt the program to a coherent COVID-Free environment.

My Space Journey!

Our wonderful staff member, Oscar Rosas, has worked closely to our participants to create a program where they all could share their stories on how they entered the Space field. Very heartwarming, the activity has reminded us all of our childhood dreams of being in space!

We’re having so much fun over here!

On June 3oth, our participants had an amazing time with Lecturer Jan Reinder Rosing in his Advanced Communication Skills Workshop that focused on developing critical thinking and sensibility to group dynamics. By diving in the psychology of group dynamics and negotiation theory, participants learned how to work with differences, as well as being critical and persuasive while aiming for cooperation and respect.

How lucky are we?!

On July 1st, we were lucky enough to have a direct online session with the NASA chief Scientist, James L. Green. In a direct transmission from the United States, he taught us about electromagnetic radiation and the physical origin of electromagnetic waves as deduced by Faraday, Clerk Maxwell and Hertz. By that, he also explained the model of wave-particle duality of light as wave and as a particle.

It isn’t every day that we’re that lucky, am I right?! Well, and this is just the 1st week of SSP21.

Diego Greenhalgh

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