Week 1 – Granada

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After the great efforts and the planning to make the SSP 2021 in person a reality in Granada, we successfully had our incredible participants on-site at the Colegio Mayor Isabel la Católica on Saturday, June 26. The participants were welcomed by our amazing staff members and gave them their bags and goodies. In the evening, we had the opportunity to have a welcoming dinner where we got the chance to hear briefly about each participant’s space stories.

On Monday, June 28, we had our official opening ceremony in which we had each participant entering the hall carrying their country flag. After that, we had official speeches from the representatives of the regional Andalucia government, the University of Granada, and our main sponsors. We closed the ceremony with a spectacular symphony offered by the University of Granada. At the end of the day, we had a welcoming reception in which the participants had the opportunity to talk directly with our sponsors, industry representatives, and university

Finally, we had the privilege to kick-off the SSP 2021 program and the participants started having their core seminars lectures.

The SSP this year is coming in a very new edition in which we are operating the program in three different sites: Granada, Strasbourg, and Online. The participants have the opportunity to connect with their peers in other locations. This edition of the SSP is an exclusive opportunity in which we have a very close-knit group of participants at each site.

With a lot of energy and enthusiasm, we are very excited for the upcoming field trips, the Madrid visit later this July, some local tours around the city, and the culture night next week.

Ahmed Baraka

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