This too shall pass, and 2021 will be full of stars in space and on Earth

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Some ISU students started 2020 with an in-person lecture on orbital rendez-vous and interplanetary travel, and with a week-long hands-on workshop on space robotics with professors Welch (ISU) and Yoshida (Tohoku University), respectively. 

Other International Space University (ISU) students ended the year with a virtual lecture “From Strasbourg to the Moon” with ISU alumna and NASA astronaut Jessica Meir. When asked about the connexions between the confinement situations of space travel and of pandemics on Earth, Jessica quoted her father’s words  “this too shall pass” when in difficult situations. 

The ISU staff could not agree more, as we look forward to our difficulties to pass and we wish you all a New Year full of stars in space and on Earth.

The stars in space provide us with guidance, inspiration and knowledge. The stars on Earth are you all, the members of the space community, with your eagerness to learn and your generous contribution to a better world through education and research. 

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