The ISU and SSEF organise the first European-wide space teenager competition–online

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The International Space University (ISU) and the Space Science & Engineering Foundation (SSEF) are delighted to announce the first European-wide space settlement design competition organized for teenagers between 15 and 18 years old.

The year is 2087. Humanity and technology alike have developed beyond our current comprehension. Humans have long since become an interplanetary species with multiple settlements across the solar system.

The fictional Foundation Society has announced its intent to design a new settlement in another far-away world and needs your help to generate the conceptual designs. Up to 200 participants (aged 15-18) transform into space sector representatives working in four competing companies of up to 50 individuals.

In this exhilarating and immersive two-day competition, you will collaborate and work within your self-managed companies to produce designs that must impress. Will yours win the lucrative contract? Up to 12 students qualify to attend the World Final (July 2021) hosted at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida USA.

The Space Design Competition (SDC) challenges pupils to conceptually design and pitch a space settlement that answers the Request for Proposal (RFP), the contract outlining the requirements of the proposed space settlement. The winners are the ones who best perform based on multiple factors (e.g. innovative design, consistency, idea quality, hand-drawn designs). To excel, the challenge will demand a host of technical, interpersonal, and business competencies. Most importantly, it will demand that participants manage their time, energy, and each other exceptionally well. The designs are completely student-led.

The SDC is one of two charity-run events offered by the Space Science & Engineering Foundation (SSEF), a UK-based charity who has run the renowned UKSDC since 2008 and is now expanding its STEAM education reach to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Hosting this prestigious Competition, ISU will be opening the door to interested students across the European continent.

With an extensive network of industrial and academic partners such ISU, CNES, UK Space Agency, Rolls Royce, and Imperial College London and more, the EUSDC will join the international community in spectacular fashion and invites you to become a part of the SDC family.

  • Location: virtual
  • Open to: participants aged 15-18
  • Event dates: 10th-11th of April 2021
  • Registration deadline: 6th of April 2021
  • Host: International Space University, Strasbourg.
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