Steve Brody retires after 14 years representing ISU in North America

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After fourteen years of loyal services to the International Space University (ISU) as Vice President for North American Operations, Steve Brody has transitioned to a well-deserved retirement. 

Steve joined ISU in 2006 after a long career at NASA, and as the ISU representative in North America he has been key in nurturing ISU’s relations with government agencies, universities and corporations.

ISU’s Chairman of the Board Dr Christian Sallaberger said:

Thanks to Steve’s remarkable diplomatic and negotiation skills and to his extensive professional network, many students have obtained resources to attend ISU’s programs and many exciting Team Projects have been possible. We wish Steve all the best and hope to continue seeing him as an active member of the ISU community”.

Steve attended the ISU “Space Odyssey Institute” short course in 2007, which makes him an ISU alumnus. He has also contributed to the ISU teaching with his wealth of knowledge in space program management, international relations and space outreach. In this capacity, he remains a member of the ISU Faculty.

Gary Martin, Steve’s successor as ISU’s VP in North America said:

“Steve and I worked at NASA Headquarters together in the past and he has been a long time friend and a great mentor to me for the ISU VP position.  During our 6-month overlap period he has shown me in great detail how he was able to be so successful and effective.”

All of us at ISU extend our heartfelt gratitude to Steve for years of exemplary service.

ISU president Juan De Dalmau adds:

“Thanks for everything, Steve – stay safe and enjoy your third youth!”

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