SHSSP21 TA Blog – Week 4

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Week 4. Four whole weeks! How has it been a month already? And how is it possible that it has been only one month? One could even say at ISU we experience our own time dilation!

This week is not like any other. It’s a transition: at this point in the program, we are moving away from the core lectures and shifting to working on Team Projects full-time. When we start to realize that we are almost at the end, in the final stretch, a bittersweet feeling seeps in with this realization. But as a typical week at SHSSP21, this week was full of amazing intercultural, international and interdisciplinary activities to make it a memorable one.

Let’s start off by mentioning the incredible lectures in both of the time zones. On the more technical side, participants learned about the fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems, were given an introduction to Satellite Telecommunications, and completed a workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Satellite Imagery. Now, as a typical interdisciplinary week, they also got to learn about Policy and Regulation regarding International Remote Sensing. Those following the Australian time zone got an incredible lecture about Communicating Space, whereas the European time zone attended a workshop/open debate on “The 3Is from a Social Justice Perspective”.

The guest lecturers for the The 3Is from a Social Justice Perspective debate

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the participants got to experience additional lectures, workshops, and activities! At the very beginning of the week we had the distinguished lecture, “A Future with Innovation”, by no none other than Omar Hatamleh, former ISU’s SSP and SHSSP director himself! To top it off, the participants got the exclusive opportunity to take part in a Q&A session with representatives from SES regarding O3b mPOWER Satellite constellation. Definitely a unique opportunity as it directly relates to their TP theme: Bush Fires.

On Wednesday, participants and staff competed against each other in the ultimate knowledge showdown – The Pub Quiz! SHSSP21 participants were divided into their habitats – Earth, Mars, and Moon, with two groups for each habitat. With the addition of two staff teams there were a total of eight groups competing for the title of the winner. After many fun rounds, Earth group 01 was the 1st place winner, followed by ISU Staff group 01, and in third place we had Earth group 02! Congratulations Earth habitat, you guys rock!

Face-off during the pub quiz on 18/02/2021

Friday was out of the ordinary, there were many special activities throughout the day, including the “I share my talent” show. Our traditional talent show is an opportunity for participants to show more of who they are, their hobbies and skills that goes beyond being a space enthusiast. It is always very fun to watch, and we would like to give a shout out to everyone that participated, well done! Some honorable mentions goes to Sylvester (music composer); Zandria (ballet); Adele (circus/air yoga/pole dancing); Miguel (guitar); Cristian (ukelele); Julie (painting); Nipuni (flute) – AMAZING! We really have a very diversely gifted cohort this year!

After several sessions of TP, we (sadly) had our very last class meeting. The feedback we received from the participants is so important to us, and as this was the last session the entire staff was eager to hear what the participants would have to say on how we can improve the program in the future. Thank you for every comment, it makes a huge difference!

Now, off we go to the final week. Big things await, good luck everyone! It will be a week to remember…

“Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.” – Albus Dumbledore

Mirela Souza de Abreu

Sue Kaur

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