SHSSP21 TA Blog – Week 2

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I can’t believe it’s week 2 already! I feel like I just logged on to zoom for the first time a few days ago. Time flies at ISU.

This week started off with an orbital mechanics lecture with John Connolly (Chris Welch for the European time zone), one of my favorite instructors at ISU. The participants were excited to learn about astrodynamics and about the practical applications of orbital mechanics. They had a chance to interact with James Green twice this week as he took two lectures on the Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Space Environment.

NewSpace, Space Law and the New Space Economy, Life Support in Space, Economic Rationales of Space Programs and Position, Navigation and Timing are some of the other interesting topics covered in lectures! Lectures are carefully curated to introduce the participants to the major departments of Space Studies.

  • Space Applications (APP)
  • Space Engineering (ENG)
  • Human Performance in Space (HPS)
  • Space Humanities (HUM)
  • Space Management and Business (MGB)
  • Space Policy, Economics, and Law (PEL)
  • Space Sciences (SCI)

Intriguing workshops were also a highlight of the week. Don’t you think workshops titled Extraterrestrial Environmental Impacts of Human Actions in Space, The Future of Leadership, and What’s the Right Rocket? peak your curiosity?

With mentoring sessions, the participants also touched base with some ISU alumni. This was a great opportunity to connect with fellow Space enthusiasts. Individual Coaching sessions were also allocated for them.

We attended the first distinguished lecture of the program this week. Charley Lineweaver spoke about the Life in the Universe. Being a live streamed event on YouTube, the staff and participants shared the link with their friends and family.
You can watch it here! 

Later that day a Space Debate was held where the participants argued for and against the possibility of life existing elsewhere in the Universe. The debate was judged by Pacheco Dimitra Stefoudi and Hebe Luisa Romero Talavera, and was facilitated by Isidora Jesus Casas del Valle. The teams came up with extensive and valid arguments on both sides and team pro “There is no life in the Universe” were pronounced as the winners by our judges.

Apart from the lectures and the workshops, the participants had several sessions where they worked together on their team projects. They also had some social events, the most fun being Let’s Cook Together, led by the ADL participant liaison, Isi!

The second week came to an end with the second class meeting and an intercultural session! Overall this week was brimming with gripping lectures, workshops and activities. Time to start prepping for the upcoming week! Can’t wait to see what the future or should I say futures hold!

Ankita Das & Amanda Sathiaraj 

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