SHSSP20 TA Blog – Week 5

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The final week! Week five brought with it the happy conclusion of the SH-SSP20 team projects, alongside a bittersweet farewell to the staff and participants following the closing ceremony.

On Tuesday, many late nights and early mornings came to fruition for the participants, with the submission of their team project final report and executive summaries. However, the crunch did not end there! Redoubling their efforts, the participants finalized their scripts and finished constructing the props that would be used in the final presentation of their projects the following day.

On Wednesday, the teams arrived early to setup for their presentations. TP Access to Space went first, with a spoof the television show Shark Tan that discussed the advantages and disadvantages of three potential paths for space access in the Southern Hemisphere. TP Lunar Farming followed up with a presentation that took the form of a hypothetical future in which humanity had left the cradle of Earth and founded a farming settlement on the Moon. Both presentations were assessed by a team of experts, including astronaut Dr Andy Thomas. We would like to congratulate the participants on their fantastic accomplishments over the course of their team projects!

On Friday, the participants were welcomed into the ISU alumni family at the closing ceremony. A highlight of the event was an address by class representative, Nate Taylor, who reminded the participants just how far they had come in only five short weeks. Following the closing ceremony, many of the staff and participants journeyed into the City of Adelaide to experience the opening night of the Fringe – a four-week festival of street theatre and food.

We would like to again congratulate the participants on their amazing accomplishment and wish everybody a journey home. Farewell for now, but not forever.

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